Envision attendees‘ most frequently asked questions

April has probably been the most exciting month for technology professionals so far.
It kicked off big time when Microsoft rolled out its inaugural conference for business leaders in New Orleans, USA. In case you missed it: Yes, we were at Microsoft Envision. (Check out our picture gallery on Facebook or the short video behind the scenes)
We were there to not only present what Resco has in store for this year, but also, share our experiences as to how far we’ve come this past year alone. Along with that, we attended many sessions & even delivered a few presentations of our own in 3 different sessions. At every  event, among all the presentations and exhibitions, we always learn something new, whether it’s from the many speakers that present, but most often, the attendees. And we learned…a lot. This year’s edition was about all the takeaways. Informative, inspirational, and eye-opening information – loads of it.
The best takeaways are the most spontaneous questions asked (things that first popped into people’s minds) about Resco and our flagship product, Resco Mobile CRM.

Resco Mobile CRM –  how do you set yourself apart from the rest? | Q&A concerns: Everyone

Q: What’s Resco’s biggest added value?
No matter how hard we try, it’s just not that simple to say in one sentence because things tend to have an avalanche effect, where we can just keep going and going, but let’s give this a shot: The free app from Microsoft looks all right on paper, but in reality it is not ready to be actually used for true mobile purposes. Resco offers a range of cross-platform mobile CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes, and not focusing on one OS but tending the masses – iOS, Android, and Windows Our fully customizable market-favorite app – Resco Mobile CRM, enables you to TRULY work offline/online while nurturing customer relationships on the go, no matter the network connection.
Q: Why should I pay for Resco Mobile CRM when Microsoft has its own app?
There are many reasons why even Microsoft itself works with our technology and promotes it (if you’ve seen the FieldOne Sky Mobile Application, you’re familiar with Resco ;)). To sum it up, let us list a few important ones (more can be found in this blog):

  1. Microsoft does not have a straight on premise solution (2013/2015 with exceptions) but is more focused on a mobile-first, cloud-first world
  2. Resco fully supports custom entities
  3. Resco has a true offline mode (not only caching, but a proven tested, and working offline mode with a well-built synchronization)
  4. Integration with mobile features (route planning, photo capturing, email integration, full document/attachment support, and more)
  5. Branding & UI modifications

Check out our newest blog that will give you a better picture as to why Resco is the way to go. Also, do not hesitate to ask us directly at mobilecrm@resco.net for a detailed comparison of features and capabilities of the two apps.

Resco’s acquisition of CWR Mobility & its current customers | Q&A concerns: Current CWR customers

Q: What is the biggest advantage for me as a current CWR customer resulting from the recent CWR acquisition?
Well…The main advantage is that you will acquire more advanced technology in the realms of mobile crm with a more robust feature set! Resco’s technology will be established among all current CWR customers in the transition process, gradually. In the meantime, while Resco provides training/support during the transition, we’d like to continue to support CWR’s technology until June 30, 2017. This should get plenty of time for the conversion process to take place.
For easy adoption of Resco’s Mobile CRM solution in conjunction to CWR’s solution – simultaneous working of Resco and CWR on one device is possible.  (there is a possibility for the  same user to have both apps on  one device. Only the synchronization needs to be performed on each app separately).
Q: Will I get a discount when switching over to Resco’s services?
When making a transition from CWR to Resco, there is a ‘‘customization converter‘‘ available for free. Regarding the licenses, you will pay the same as every new Resco customer.
Get all the answers about the consequences of this acquisition from our CEO’s blog here.

FieldOne versus Resco | Q&A concerns: Microsoft folks, their partners, and their customers

Q: Always wondering, if we’d need two apps – both field service and sales features within the organization? And regarding that, how do the features coexist in one app, or the two apps on one device?
The FieldOne Sky Mobile  solution is not a 100% replacement for Resco Mobile CRM (version for MS Dynamics CRM). What you get with FieldOne is “field service management features” is e.g.: work order management, asset management, maintenance agreement tracking, inventory and procurement management, workflow capabilities, mobile collaboration and a maximum of 10 custom entities. Customizations beyond those mentioned above are only available in Resco’s Mobile CRM solution (e.g. if you need to enable a “sales entity” or to add more than 10 custom entities).
Here, you can find all you need to know about Resco and FieldOne licensing.

Other | Q&A concerns: everyone

Q: Can you actually connect Resco Mobile CRM to other Microsoft Dynamics systems like Dynamics CRM (namely NAV, AX)?
Resco Mobile CRM can originally only be connected to Dynamics CRM (when talking about Microsoft solutions), however, it is possible to integrate other systems through an iFrame/JavaScript or to integrate e.g. Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV on the server side and keep communicating with Dynamics CRM via Resco exclusively.
Q: If we have more than 10 entities that we’d like to alter/customize, what do we do then? Do we end our working relationship with FieldOne and go directly to you, or can we bundle anything together?
It is possible to have the FieldOne app for your service staff and the Resco app for your sales team, managers, marketing department, etc. Both apps communicate and synchronize with the same Dynamics CRM server, so the information flow is well preserved.
Q: Where is the Resco Company originally from?
Resco was born and raised in Europe. Since 1999, we started a ‘mobile’ revolution in Slovakia, a country where probably only a few people actually owned mobile phones before the big boom. As crazy as that sounds, we are still developing and enriching the worldwide ‘top of its class’ product in our “little-big country”, but we’ve expanded to keep in reach to other local customers in the Americas, with our Boston, MA office in the USA.
Please drop us a comment in the section below or send us an email at mobilecrm@resco.net if you have any questions.We’ll be happy to answer your questions and gain even more insights as to what you, the customer needs to enhance your productivity at the office.