Send tracked emails from Resco’s mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


You probably know the track email ability of Dynamics CRM.
If not, you gotta check it out! It is a true life-saver! Well, business-saver – you can see the exchanged email communication with a customer, so you or your co-workers will always have the details about what was said and done.
While Microsoft’s mobile application for Dynamics CRM does not have the option to track emails, the good news is…

Emails sent from Resco Mobile CRM are automatically tracked

SendingTrackedEmailsFromMobile2Every time you send an email from the app, the email is automatically linked to the record you have used.
So, for example, if you’re sending an email to a contact, the email will be tracked to this particular contact (the ‘set regarding’ is so automatically filled in).
The same goes to opportunities, accounts, service cases… The regarding field can be, if needed, changed manually or you can set a rule that will change it, e.g. replace contact by its parent account.
How does the email tracking work?
When you are sending email from Resco Mobile CRM app, it’s like you are sending emails directly from Dynamics CRM server. You are, in fact, creating email activities. You need email router or exchange server to actually send these emails (or to use Outlook with CRM plugin). To learn more about this topic, you can check out this article or this one (or any other on the Internet – luckily there’s a lot of content written about this topic).

All emails are tracked, unless they are not SendingTrackedEmailsSetup

If your emails are not being tracked, check the application’s Setup section. If the ‘Use CRM Email’ option is not active, the click on send email button opens the default email client on the device instead. In this case, emails are not tracked in CRM.
Activate this setting and your emails will be tracked.

System admins can prevent this accidental email tracking inability by activating this option for all mobile CRM users in Woodford.
Open the mobile project –> go to configuration tab –> and set ‘Use CRM Email’ to true (locking this option will make it a fixed/un-changeable attribute to users).


Resco Mobile CRM is now able to track also incoming emails thanks to its integration with Exchange and Gmail.

Send us a (tracked) email if you have any questions or need assistance: mobilecrm@resco.net