Ellis Hayes deploys customized mobile app for sales reps in a few minutes

Ellis Hayes Realty Group provides real estate brokerage and management services for landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers in the New York City area. Ellis Hayes Realty Group actively use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Their sales agents were seeking for a modern and competitive approach to manage their daily operations and activities. As realty market is turbulent and instant access to opportune information is crucial, they needed a mobile app to stay ahead of the competition. There was also a requirement to make available their custom entities and custom fields on the mobile device.

The decision was made to use Resco Mobile CRM app and Woodford—easy to use customization tool. After doing the customizations in Woodford, Ellis Hayes shot a short video to show their sales agents how to apply the customizations. Great success came naturally and here is the instructional video showing the customized Resco Mobile CRM app.

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