Display CRM appointments on a map

It’s the classic story: A map meets an entity, the entity has GPS coordinates, the map displays its records.
But what happens, when the entity does not have GPS coordinates? For example appointments.
No happy end?
Not necessarily. In Resco Mobile CRM app, you can display records on a map based on the position of their parent records.

How to add parent’s GPS fields on the appointment’s view?

Step 1: Open your mobile project in Woodford and go to the view that you want to use for the map.
Step 2: Click on ˈSelect Fieldsˈ button.
Select fields
Expand the Account (Regarding) section and select the fields, where the GPS position is stored. Save the changes.
Note: You can also do this for other parent entities; such as Leads, Contacts, Opportunities…
Step 3: Add the appointments view onto the map.
Select Global Maps section form the left-hand side navigation panel and add the view. Hit Save & Close and publish the project.
When you synchronize the app, the map will display scheduled appointments:
Got any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments section below or e-mail it to our support team: mobilecrm@resco.net

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