CWR acquisition consequences

In 2009, when we entered the Microsoft Dynamics CRM market with our brand new Mobile CRM product, we had huge expectations since the very beginning. We had been in the mobile software business for about a decade with a lot of experience. After a while, we realized that we knew nothing about how the mobile CRM business works and that we had quite a long way ahead to be successful. At the time, we recognized our main competitor, CWR Mobility. The company that had a great product and an existing ecosystem of partners and customers. The company known as, the leading mobile CRM ISV in the Microsoft Dynamics community.
Now in 2016, we, Resco, are acquiring CWR mobile CRM activities.
There have been a lot of circumstances that influenced us and them during the last few years of our co-existence, causing Resco to now acquire CWR Mobility. However, I have to say that, our competition was very fair, and it helped both Resco and CWR to improve their products and relations with the entire Dynamics CRM ecosystem. That’s the good news to everyone who relates.

What does the acquisition mean for Resco?

After the acquisition of the CWR’s mobile CRM line of business, Resco has more than 1,500 corporate customers and 65,000 licensed users. The acquisition includes Resco as being among the largest Microsoft Dynamics CRM ISVs group and the only one to specialize in mobility.
Overall, Resco is a leading vendor of “real” Mobile CRM, with large field sales and field service implementations worldwide. Resco Mobile CRM is not just an add-on to the standard CRM functionality. It is used mainly by mobile professionals spending most of their work hours out of the office. Often in places with limited internet access. So the Mobile CRM is their main tool for accessing corporate CRM data. That being so, Resco Mobile CRM will remain as the leading product in the area of field sales and field service. A completely different story comparing to mobile apps from Microsoft, or Their mobile apps have been designed and are being developed “mainly” as an add-on to standard CRM functionality. Which is fine for occasional use, but definitely not for field sales, or field service scenarios.

What’s next?

Supporting two similar mobile CRM technologies is a very difficult task and cannot be maintained long term. So, our plan is to continue supporting CWR’s Mobile CRM for a limited period of time (the details will be revealed at the Microsoft Envision that will take place on April 4-6, 2016 in New Orleans, LA). During that period of time, we will work with our partners and CWR team to convert all CWR customers to our Resco Mobile CRM technology. We’ll do our very best to keep this process as smooth as possible, the conclusion of which, will be a win-win for all of us.
Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great success for Resco. However, we want to go that extra mile further. Field sales, or field service scenarios are only a portion of the potential of mobility for every business. Mobility plays and will play a significant role in engaging with customers, dealing with suppliers, partners, and any other sectors in an organization’s ecosystem. Mobile apps must be integrated with various back-end systems so that every company can get as much as possible out of mobility.
Resco understands all the technical aspects and difficulties of such scenarios in the current society, an extremely heterogonous mobile world. Our ambition, is to be a vendor of the leading technology for enterprise mobility, and beyond Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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