We owe it to our customers to collect data!

I can’t log into my online banking! My mobile app works but for the life of me, I can’t access the web browser version. My wife always adds her helpful input – ‘Why don’t you call the bank?’ or ‘Why haven’t you sorted it yet?’. The truth is, I have given up! That strange standing order for €6.49 keeps coming out and all I can do is watch… from my mobile app. 
But why did I give up? I am technology literate, I have unlimited calling on my phone and my bank is just downstairs of my office. 

The simple reason is – I hate repeating myself more than 10 times! Every time I call, I start by explaining the whole situation before being passed to another person where I do it again. I am promised that I will receive a code within X hours and when it doesn’t arrive, I call again to just explain the same. This endless loop is the story of so many customer experiences.  
The truth is, many of us are scared of our data being collected, stored and analysed… 
…But should we be?  
If a company stores data properly it can add to our customer experience. Imagine picking up the phone to a shop you just bought some shoes from, or a charity you donated money to. Imagine the plumbing company calling YOU to remind you of an upcoming boiler service or offering you the option to schedule on their website and when they arrive, there is no pen and paper but tablets or laptops with all your boiler and customer information so the field worker can properly service your needs. 
This is why, as a business, you should invest in the proper tools to enable your staff to offer an unbeatable customer experience. I was a small business owner and I didn’t give enough time and consideration to how much technology can help businesses grow and maintain their customer base. We printed everything, had filing cabinets full of paper and thought that 10 clipboards on the wall were ‘revolutionary’ – and considering it was the construction industry, it probably was.  
I started working at Resco 2 years ago and I saw the kind of products that were available, I was introduced to Salesforce – The Worlds Number 1 CRM – and I started to realise, any business or charity can make use of this software. Resco has developed a product called ‘Resco Inspections’. It is essentially an easy to use but hugely in-depth form builder with staff scheduling built-in and it operates completely cross-platform, online or offline and directly integrates with a range of CRM systems (including the mighty Salesforce). 
Salesforce has tons of amazing features but a really interesting one for me is IoT Cloud. Imagine this customer experience all possible with Salesforce, Resco and a small IoT device. 

  • When the boiler is not performing to its full efficiency it will send an update to Salesforce IoT Cloud 
  • An event will be created 
  • The customer receives a notification and can book a suitable time 
  • That event will be auto-assigned to an available field worker 
  • The fieldworker arrives with all the boiler & customer information within Resco Inspections 
  • The fieldworker follows a directed set of questions and then captures the customers signature 
  • The data goes back to Salesforce and an automatic Invoice is created and sent to the customer with a satisfaction survey 

That is a customer experience! 
And you don’t need to be a huge company to benefit from this technology. I had 5 people working for me at my peak and if I knew this technology existed, I would have implemented it saving me £1000’s in paper, printing and staff costs. 
I have only mentioned Salesforce and Resco because these are technologies I love but there are many other companies offering similar technology including Microsoft, Amazon and Google. No matter what the size of the business or industry you work in, I am certain you and your customers could benefit from digitalization.  
Talk to me about data or ask me anything about field technology at dale.kirkwoord@resco.net.
Or connect with me on LinkedIn – Dale Kirkwood , Head of UK & Ireland (Resco for Salesforce) 

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