CRMUG Summit 2014: Your questions, our answers


The week of October 13, 2014, Resco sponsored the CRMUG Summit in St. Louis, MO. This year, there were over 650 attendees and more than 3,000 in total when combined with GPUG, AXUG and NAVUG Summits running in parallel. Resco could not miss this event.
Being a platinum sponsor, Resco was part of an expo village that hosted almost 50 companies. It wasn’t just a hall of staffed booths, but rather an ongoing conversation, smiles, laughs, good jokes and friendship.
CRMUG Summit 2014
“Fantastic atmosphere, great new contacts and lots of valuable content—CRMUG Summit in a nutshell.”
Maros Hajtas, Head of Sales at Resco
Outside the expo hall, numerous sessions took place: Ask the Experts, How2, Deep Dive, Partner Showcase, Presentation and Roundtable. Truly something to feed each and every appetite. Resco participated in two sessions in a speaker role.
First, we presenCRMUG Summit 2014ted our new, little futuristic approach to mobility and Microsoft Dynamics CRM—Glass CRM—a fully functional mobile solution running on Google Glass. The presentation explained the fundamental technology behind Glass CRM, Google Glass, took a broader look at wearable technology topped with a demo of a service technician repairing air-conditioning. The session attracted around 15 attendees and we couldn’t be more pleased about the sparkling discussion.
The latter was a panel discussion on topics such as MoCA, custom and ready mobile apps.
Having the chance to talk to so many existing customers has provided us with a feedback that gives us energy into the next challenges we are eager to fulfil.
We were also approached with many questions and we would like to share with you the most frequently asked ones with answers to them in case you wonder about these as others did:

  •  How does the offline mode in Resco Mobile CRM work and what can be done while offline?

In the full offline mode, you are working with data that was stored in the local database of your device. So you can work also without a connection to Dynamics CRM/internet. You are be able to view/create/delete/modify data (actually everything except accessing online websites if linked to iframes). You’ll need the connection only to synchronize the local database with the Dynamics CRM server.

  •  Are we able to work with Custom Entities we use in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Yes. If you have a customized Dynamics CRM server with your own entities and fields, you can have them in the mobile app as well. Simply add them to the app with the Woodford configurator.

  •  How can the System Administrator see the error reports from his/her users before sent out to Resco’s support?

As a System Administrator you are able to set the e-mail address to which the error reports & logs from the app should be sent. In Woodford, choose the Mobile Project > go into section Branding > in the field Support Email write your e-mail.

  •  Is the upgrade to the new design of Forms mandatory or optional? How can we turn it on?

It’s up to you if you prefer the new design of Forms or the old one. In the latest version of Woodford (version 7.30) you can decide whether you want to use the new forms or not (you can also use them for only some entries). After you open the form in Woodford > click on Layout in the top menu > set the Flexible Form to Project Default (new forms will be used for the whole project) / Enable (only for this form) / Disable (new form will be disabled).

  •  When will the new user interface of Resco Mobile CRM be available for the Windows Phone 8.1 devices?

The latest version of Mobile CRM application is not available for Windows Phone devices, due to some technical limitations of this platform. If you have a different device available, you can use it instead, or you can publish the Woodford project to be compatible with previous version of Mobile CRM app. This also means that the features not available for version 7.2.x, will be stripped out of the project.

  • What are the differences between Microsoft’s MoCA and Resco Mobile CRM?

We did a side-by-side comparison of Resco Mobile CRM and Microsoft’s Mobile Client and summarized it in this blog post. Or you can read a case story from Encore Business Solutions we recently came across to.

  • Why Resco?

Anyone who is not satisfied with free Microsoft’s mobile client can find at Resco robust solution that adopts to the latest trends, to any business scenario and which combines 15 years of know how in mobility with the passion for perfection. Being the leader in mobility, customer is not only buying a product Resco Mobile CRM, but also strong, stable, innovative and customer-focused partner behind: We release 4 major updates each year with new features and functionalities (with minor updates in-between), communicate the changes and news, and our customers praise our fast & helpful support.

We hope you found the answers to your questions as well. Otherwise, get in touch or meet us soon at Convergence 2014 Barcelona (and next year at Convergence Atlanta 2015 or CRMUG Summit 2015 in Reno, Nevada).