CRM Server Comparison: Resco vs. MS Dynamics CRM


Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and Oracle CX.
All the renowned solutions mentioned above have one in common. They offer a standard CRM functionality and have started to focus on mobility & its enhancements a short time ago, by introducing their own mobile CRM apps to the market.


Let’s introduce Resco – the ‘go-to’ tool, to the CRM crowd

Mobile CRM has been the focal point of Resco from the very beginning. All the company’s efforts, resources & focus have always been invested into a mobile-only CRM. By ordinary, a sales rep or a field technician who works with Resco, doesn’t need a standard desktop CRM interface, at all. Set side by side, Resco (as to the CRM solutions mentioned above) works for everyone who needs mobile access to CRM on a daily basis.

The focus on mobility is what distinguishes Resco from MS Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and Oracle CX

Resco Mobile CRM was initially created as a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Nothing changes about that. Remaining as the number one mobile client for Dynamics CRM — the solution has now become a mobility platform for various CRM technologies, such as Oracle CX and Salesforce. Over and above, Resco comes with a whole package, including our very own, CRM server.
We’ve done a mobile app comparison before. And we will keep on doing them. However, many of you have had questions about the Resco CRM server – truthfully, it is still a ‘faraway & unknown land’ for many of you. Allow me to pave the way for the basic server comparison of Resco CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Quick overview of Resco Mobile CRM – What it can do

· Work with entities (accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities)
· Email tracking (Exchange, Gmail)
· Note taking
· Activity Management
· Map & Navigation
· Dashboard & Charts
· Personal Views
· Auditing (Reports – pdf/html, or tracking of user actions…)
· Processes (set of server rules – work flows, real-time actions, and scheduled jobs)
· oData support – enabling countless possibilities, like connecting the server to other software solutions, e.g. CRM systems, email clients, reporting tools…

Resco versus Microsoft

Why it makes perfect sense to reach for the Resco CRM server that works seamlessly alongside the Resco Mobile app?
First thing’s first, this is what both solutions look like on desktop:

Microsoft’s Advantages

Well, it’s MICROSOFT.
Customer & Partner Base
According to the ERP Software Blog, the number of companies utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM climbed up to 40,000 companies last year. The partner base is huge, Microsoft has built up an enormous ecosystem throughout the years.
This is the outcome of having a big community of customers and partner on your side. This way, Microsoft gets larger scale of promotional and personal reach.
No additional customizing tools
All is done within the CRM itself and many variations are automatically taken from the server.

Resco’s Advantages

Cost effectiveness
No Dynamics licenses are needed.
Consistent UI
The same look and feel  on tablets, smartphones and desktops.
No switching between apps
Email, CRM, calendar- altogether under one roof.
User Adoption
Employees who get mobile access to CRM with a user-friendly design, structure, and layout, are more likely to adopt faster and use it more often because it is more simple and intuitive to work with.
A fully functional Resco Mobile CRM client is included in the price of the CRM server

Improvement – What’s missing & what’s coming

We are currently working hard on Marketing tools in the Resco CRM server (mass emailing, nurture marketing…) On-demand processes are in the roadmap for the next release too (for now, automated processes are available, and custom processes are being developed).Stay tuned for more info!
It is definitely worth checking out Resco’s website for more server specifics and pricing list information for licensing opportunities.Still haven’t found what you’ve been looking for? Reach out to us at mobilecrm@resco.net