Create your own technical webinar: vote for your favorite topics

Picture this:
You have signed up for a webinar and obviously had some expectations. But then the webinar is over and you end up disappointed, because you did not find the answers you were looking for. Instead, the presenter kept explaining the basics that you already knew.
So, how can we not only meet, but perhaps exceed your expectations for a webinar?
What’s the best way to get what you’ve truly signed up for?
The answer lies right in front of you. Why not participate from the start and co-create the webinar? What if everyone had a say?
And what’s even better, we decided to start off the beginning of the fall season with a stack of webinars devoted to the Salesforce community! This means three insightful webinars, three speakers and tens of questions answered.
Alongside two business webinars, for the first time ever, we came up with ‘beyond the basics’ tech webinars, specially tailored for Salesforce partners & customers. Starting off with September 19th, Resco’s lead engineer for Salesforce, Marek, will guide you through the best of the many rich functionalities contained within Resco’s mobile solution and the Woodford configuration tool that comes with the package!
So, now it’s your time to shine! Below, you can choose the topics you find the most attractive*:
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*Feel free to select multiple options
Sign up for the webinar here. In case you have any questions directly for the Resco team, reach out to us at

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