Create personal dashboards directly from within the Resco Mobile CRM app

The Dashboard is one of the very first things users lay their eyes on when they open the Resco Mobile CRM app. And system admins usually configure customized Mobile CRM dashboards for various user roles using Woodford.
However, since each and every user is different, we recently also added the possibility to build your own personal dashboards right within the application. It enables you to select entities you want to see, add action buttons, and display records on a list, map, or as a chart, to create dashboards with information meaningful specifically to you.

How can you set up your own dashboards in the application?

1. After you’ve launched Resco Mobile CRM on your device, tap on the Setup section in the Home menu and there, select the Design Dashboards option.
2. Click the Plus button in the upper right corner of the window to add and name your brand new dashboard (in this example I’ll call it Robert’s Dashboard). Then tap the Pencil icon to start editing individual components in the Dashboard Editor.
3. In the Dashboard Editor you will need to tap the Pencil and then click the Plus button that will appear in the top right corner once again, to select which entities you want to see on your dashboard.
4. Select an entity (e.g. Account) you will see all the available settings for it. You can show or hide action buttons, choose how the records will be displayed (list, map, or chart view) and set up your default display option. In the bottom part of the window you can also access expanded settings for each of the three display options. When you’ve set it up to your liking, just hit the Save button.
5. You can add as many entities to your dashboard as you like. In this example, we’ll include also Orders, Appointments, and Products.
6. Once you’ve chosen the entities for your dashboard, you can change their order and return to modifying their individual settings from the Dashboard editor. When you’re finished, just hit the Save button and return to the app’s Home menu.
7. There, you’ll tap on the My Dashboards item and click on your newly created personal dashboard (titled as Robert’s Dashboard in this example). You can set up and utilize any number of your own customized dashboards.

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