Create charts with multiple series

Multi-series charts: simply explained

A multi-series chart displays more than two values at once. It’s quite useful, when you want to compare and analyze data.
For example this chart shows won opportunities by account; showing not only the total revenue, but also the estimated one. So I can see how close does an estimate match the reality.

Multi-Series Chart
Multi-Series Chart in Resco Mobile CRM



Step 1: Go to your Mobile Project in Woodford and choose an Entity (i.e. Opportunity) from the left panel. Expand the Entity and click on Charts.

Multi-Series Chart
Choose or create a chart in Woodford

Step 2: Click on New to create a new chart.
Step 3: From the top menu, select the type of a chart – Column, Bar or Line chart,
Note: you will not be able to create a multi-series pie chart.

Multi-Series Chart
Select the type of the chart

Step 4: Add a series

Multi-Series Chart
Add a series

Step 5: Set Legend Entries and Horizontal Axis Labels.
After you define the axes, you can also specify the aggregate function for each series which can show:

  • Sum (sums up the values and shows the total)
  • Avg (calculates the average of all values)
  • Count:All (counts the number of records)
  • Count:non-empty (counts the number of records that contain value in the selected field)
  • Max (returns records with maximum values)
  • Min (returns records with minimum values)

Pick the color for your chart. The arrows in the box next to it filter the records accordingly:

  • None (no filter)
  • Top (for example “Top 5” will show only the first 5 records with the highest values)
  • Bottom (for example “Bottom 5” will show only 5 records with the lowest values)
Multi-Series Chart
Filter the records

That is it. Don’t forget to Save the chart and Publish the mobile project.

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