How can the Resco Mobile CRM app connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

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Here are some ways of connecting with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server.
These options work for versions 4.0, 2011, 2013 and 2015.

Different ways of connecting to your organization

The minimal requirement for synchronizing the app with the Dynamics CRM server is the Dynamics CRM web services and the authentication services availability.
You can opt for IFD with Claim-Based Authentication or, in case when the Dynamics CRM server and the Active Directory Federation Services cannot be exposed to the Internet, you can use VPN or Direct Access connection.
Note: The default configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Active Directory authentication uses HTTP protocol. It is highly insecure to expose the server to the Internet in this configuration. We strongly recommend using either VPN or Direct Access, or changing the configuration to use HTTPS to secure the data exchange between the mobile CRM client and the Dynamics CRM server.
Dynamics CRM Online server is already accessible to users via a secure HTTPS protocol, which works also for accessing the data from Resco Mobile CRM.

How is the data transfer secured?

The CRM data is transferred directly from the server to the application via standard Dynamics CRM Web Services provided by Microsoft.
Companies can choose to use:
· VPN or Direct Access connections in case IFD is not desirable
· HTTPS instead of HTTP protocol
· SSL to secure the data transfer

Want more info?

Download the Resco Mobile CRM Security Manual