Change the design of Resco Mobile CRM app: Introducing Color Themes


What are color themes you ask? Just the greatest thing since sliced bread!
OK, that was a bit of an overstatement (and cheesy), but that does not change the fact that color themes are a really cool new feature of Resco Mobile CRM – the mobile client for Dynamics CRM.
Simply put: color themes allow you to change the colors of the application.
This is your golden opportunity to create an app that looks as if it was made just for you. And I am not talking here about the functionality (we all know that’s been there all along), but about the design of the app.
Change the color of your Mobile CRM app
So let your true colors shine through!

  • Consistence: The app can copy your corporate branding, your identity.
  • Adoption: Just as buyers are often won over by a visual appeal rather than rational reasoning, your users are more likely to adopt a CRM app that looks great and feels familiar.
  • Visual appeal: You can get creative, make the app more attractive.
  • Brand recognition: Impress your customers whenever you’ll show them something on the app; be it documents, fill-in-forms, presentations…
  • Bonus: Your marketing department will be thrilled.

Are you in the dark on how to do it? Don’t worry; it’s so easy, you’ll be done by the time your coffee cools down to a drinking temperature.

Here’s how to change colors of the app:

Step 1: Sign into Woodford and open a mobile project.
Step 2: Navigate to the new section ˈColor Themeˈ — you’ll find it on the vertical menu on the left side.
Step 3: Change the colors.
Changing of colors of the Mobile CRM application with color themes
You can click directly on parts of the application on the picture to change their colors, or display the menu of the items you can change (ˈShow Color Listˈ). You can also alter the colors for different platforms. For this, enable the option ‘Show Platforms’ and make the changes individually.
Step 4: Once you are done, save the changes, publish the project and synchronize the application.

Ta-da! You have just designed your app with flying colors. Congratulations.

PS: Don’t stop here. You can do so much more! For instance enable pinning of records to Favorites or turn on calendar reminders.