Quick calendar trick: Color-code your activities

color swatches on a wooden table

Give your calendar some clarity and help your users identify activities. You can do so by assigning a color to an activity based on its type, owner or other trait.
Assigning colors to activities in Resco Mobile CRM calendarFor example:

  • Make your Appointments blue and Tasks red
  • Differentiate tasks with high priority from those of a lower one
  • For a shared calendar, assign a color to each user

How to set colors for different activities

Step 1: Open a Mobile Project in Woodford –> Go to section Calendar –> click on the calendar item –> go to Rules tab, select Global Rule

Selecting Global Rule for Calendar
Note: Instead of Global Rule, select a specific entity if you want to differentiate colors for records within one entity. (That’s for the cases in which you’d like for a tasks with high priority to stand out, etc.)
Step 2: Click on the Define Color button. A new window will open, in which you’ll be able to create rules that will specify the color for different entities.
Step 3: Start adding conditions (In the condition, specify the name of the entity), then add a step ‘Color’ and assign a color to it.
Entity Name Equals Appointments
Warning: Use the entity name, not the display name. I ran across an issue with service activities, as I defined the name as “Service Activity” instead of “ServiceAppointment”. Who knew?
Well, Lukas from our support team actually did know.
Note: The colors need to be in ARGB format (8 hexadecimal digits : 2 digits for the Alpha channel + 6 digits hex value for RGB ).

Alpha channel represents the degree of opacity

ff = solid color
00 = full transparency

If you’re like me, thinking more in percentages when it comes to opacity, here’s a table that might be helpful. It gives you the 2 digit alpha codes for percentage values. However, the calendar has a default opacity value that cannot be changed, so this would be useful in other cases (elsewhere, where you can set the colors).

Hex value for RGB – standard 6 digit code

000000 = black
0000FF = blue
F660AB = hot pink

There are hundreds of tools that’ll convert RGB color into the hexadecimal value on the net. Or visual color pickers if you want to simply choose a color – I usually use this one.

The result should look something like this:
Color-coding of activity types in calendar
In this example, all Appointments have blue color assigned to them, tasks will be red and service activities light orange.
It’s not hard to do. And it’s a nice, little element for users.
Want more? Click here to watch a video on other available calendar functions.