18th November, 2021

Cheers to our partners & customers – they made conference meaningful

Check out a little compilation of the observations from attendees.

What do they have to say about Resco? What can we learn from them? conference is over. And we couldn’t be happier. Not because it’s over, but because it happened.
Believe me. Have a look at some of the best moments we captured and made into an article for you here.
4 months of intensive preparations. Full of chaos, madness, running from one place to another, tons of phone calls, email there and there… People going nuts for weeks. All of that just for 2 days. Two days!
Two days full of techie, business – but mainly friendly talks topped our expectations. Happiness level: overload. And that is all I will tell you about the conference.
At Resco, we are not such fans of a cliché, so instead of getting carried away by how smoothly it all went down, I’d rather let our amazing partners and customers share their observations.
We didn’t stop for once in Vienna and we really had more than chance to chat with all the attendees.

Here comes a list of the best insights we will probably remember for a very long time.

Because too much of explaining just hurts…
“The application is pretty much self-explanatory. Every new sales guy we hire needs 20 minutes tops to learn how to work with it.”
and there is the real beauty in simplicity…
“My advice: don’t overload the device with information. Keep it as simple as possible.”
that truly leads to real improvements…
“Resco is providing some good insights on how to do things better. “
and makes us all pay attention to the details and become perfectionists…
“Mobility is an ongoing project – it never gets done. We want to make it better, that’s also why we’re here. “
but it’s not about the money, the customer and time have more of a value…
“We didn’t calculate ROI. For us it’s more about the time efficiency. Sales guys now say it saves them hour to two each day. This is the time they now spent with the customer. That’s the value we see. That’s what makes our business grow. “
especially the customer, of today and tomorrow…
“What does the future hold for us when it comes to Resco Mobile CRM? We plan to explore the external user option to give an app to our clients. They can then make orders, check the invoices, etc. This kind of application is kind of an expectation now. “
and despite the fact we live in the Internet Era…
“Offline is important, even nowadays. “
the face to face communication will always come to the picture…
“Communication. That’s what took to the next level. “
so will the simplicity (and I will never stop repeating this!)…
“The app was so intuitive we didn’t need on-site training. We just recorded a couple of videos. And people didn’t even bother watching those. “
but in the end, it would all fall apart without the engagement.
“Now we have workforce which is more engaged in CRM.”
The main reason we brought to the world was to teach our partners and customers about what we know the best. The goal of our sessions, discussions or advice talks was to help them to take their CRM to the next level.
Funny thing is, we actually learned much from them and that is something that keeps us disrupting the world of CRM even further.
Special thanks goes to all the participants for that. Thank you everyone else who could not make it this time. Don’t worry, 2016 edition is counting on you! 2015 is over

However, you can pre-register for the upcoming edition which will take place in Munich (EU) and Philadelphia (US) in autumn 2016. Find out all the latest details at the official conference website

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