CamCard update required for iOS 11

If you use CamCard to scan business cards into Resco Mobile CRM on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), make sure you don’t forget about the upcoming changes: iOS 11 (available from September 19) will not support the earlier CamCard versions and due to the new policy of Apple App Store, the free and paid version of CamCard had to be merged into one. Therefore, the company has released a new CC app.
This new version of CamCard will be compatible with the Autumn Release of Resco Mobile CRM (version 10.2) – which will arrive shortly after iOS 11. To ensure smooth running, back up cards and transfer them and the paid features to the new CC app, users need to follow the steps below – as advised directly by CamCard:

  1. Open your current CamCard app on your device and pull down cardholder to sync cards to the Cloud. (If you are asked to sign in, please sign in first.)
  2. Please sign in to with the SAME account to check if all cards are there; (You will find your CamCard login ID as follows: CamCard app—Me/Profile—Settings—Account & sync).
  3. Download “CamCard-Business card scanner& reader” (v7.32.0) from App Store and sign in with the same CamCard account as the old version. The free app will upgrade to paid version and all cards will be downloaded automatically.

Please note: This update only applies to the iOS users, there is no issue on Android. Please also note, that any Support issues, should be directed to CamCard at the following address:
After all cards have been downloaded to the new version, it is up to you whether to delete the old version or not. The old version still works on iOS 10 but won’t anymore when you update to iOS 11.
If you see the app name in Chinese, there could be a temporary issue in the App Store. However, you can go ahead and download it anyway, because the app is in English.
If your cards disappeared after login, it indicates your cards have been saved to another CamCard account. Please recall your old account and sign-in again with it (To log out, open CamCard–profile/me–settings–account & sync–sign out).
If you forgot the password of your CamCard account, click on the following link and enter your CamCard account to reset the password.
The icon of the new app is a white“CC”in a light blue background. There is also a dark blue“CC”in App Store. It is the app for SMEs and Enterprise and your cards won’t be restored in this version, so please do NOT download the dark blue“CC”.
If you have any questions regarding the CamCard integration with Resco Mobile CRM, please contact our support at

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