The Calendar: Uncovering its hidden treasures


The calendar in the Resco Mobile CRM application for MS Dynamics CRM can do loads of things.
Let me walk you through them.
Want to see more than just pictures? Watch this short video that summarizes most of these features.

The Calendar…

Gives you a 1-click access to the details about each activity

ActivityDetails_RescoMobileCRMCalendarIt’s right there! All you need to know.
By default, the calendar shows Appointments & Service Tasks. However, the professional version can show all types of activities, you name it: phone calls, tasks, custom activities, …

Supports gestures

Drag&Drop_RescoMobileCRMCalendarA picture doesn’t really capture the essence of this, better try it out:
Tap on the screen to create an appointment. Tap on an appointment to get details about it. Long tap and drag&drop to reschedule one.

Merges views

MergedView_RescoMobileCRMCalendarYou’ll be able to see meetings, phone calls, team appointments, etc. all at once.

Reminds you of upcoming appointments

So you won’t forget! Reminders_RescoMobileCRMCalendar

Provides 4 views to choose from: Views_RescoMobileCRMCalendarAgenda/Day/Week/Month

If you decide to customize the calendar, you can also:

Differentiate events by color

Colors_RescoMobileCRMCalendarNot only is it visually appealing but it also helps you to navigate more quickly.

Get rid of unnecessary days and hours

Days_RescoMobileCRMCalendarSaturdays and Sundays are off duty in this calendar, so are hours before 9 a.m.

Allow seasonal workers to only see specified months

DateConstrain_RescoMobileCRMCalendarIf your company has trainees or other temporary workers, you can give them access to only those days/weeks/months that match the duration of their stay.

Use multiple calendars

MultipleCalendars_RescoMobileCRMCalendarWhy just have one if you can have two or more?
But really, it’s great if you want to separate your own appointments from, for example, your team’s appointments.

And the cherry on top!

Import events from your private calendar/ export events into your private calendar

You’ll see everything at one glance, no need to switch between personal and CRM calendar to make sure the invitation you are just about to accept fits into your schedule. PrivateCalendar_RescoMobileCRMCalendar

Go ahead, give your calendar some breath of fresh air.