Boston essentials – what to do, see and eat outside of

Did you know that the Boston University Bridge is the only place on the planet where a boat can sail under a train going under a car that is driving under a plane? But this feat of engineering is just one of the numerous fascinating sights Boston has to offer.
On September 14-15 you can explore the mobile CRM landscape in Boston at the US edition of the conference. And with the rich history, culture, sports scene and an array of dining and shopping possibilities, you might want to extend your trip to explore also the beauty of the New England metropolis.
Whether you arrive earlier on the weekend, or prolong your stay a few days after the conference, here are a few tips on the best of Boston – sorted by the city’s various nicknames.

The Cradle of Liberty

freedom-trailThis nickname originated from Boston’s major role in the Revolutionary War. The 2.5 mile Freedom Trail is a home to 16 sites connected to such pivotal events of the American history as the The Tea Party, the beginning of American Revolution in Lexington or the Battle of Bunker Hill.
To see how people lived in the 18th century, check out Paul Revere’s house and the oldest serving public building in town the Old State House. The Old North Church with its impressive interior is also worth a visit. Afterwards, you can do your shopping and enjoy a meal at the Faneuil Hall, the city’s marketplace and meeting hall, open since 1743.
The Cradle of Liberty fun fact: The Christmas was banned between 1659 – 1681 in Boston. The citizens could not celebrate it because the Pilgrims believed it was a corrupted holiday.

The Athens of America

ICAThe phrase was first used by William Tudor to describe the intellectual and cultural influence of the city. The countries most prestigious schools – Harvard, MIT, Boston University – are located just a stone’s throw from each other. The Harvard Yard is open to public and taking a stroll through the campus’ greens is guaranteed to bring back the best memories from your own college years.
The Institute of Contemporary Art is another fine example of Boston’s forward-thinking. Stacked with various expositions, yet probably the most impressive is the ICA building itself. Designed by Diller Scofidio, the fascinating sharp-angled glass structure on the shore of Boston Harbor is in stark contrast with the majority of the city’s architecture.
The Athens of America fun fact: Over 100 colleges and universities are situated in the greater Boston area.

The Beantown

union_oysterBaked beans with molasses were the popular meal among the early residents. But today there’s much more on offer. In the South End district the Flour’s pies and cakes, B&G Oysters’s seafood and Masa’s brunch offering stand out from the crowd of cafés and restaurants.
You can also enjoy your drinks 52 stories above the ground at the Top of the Hub, complete with the Boston skyline view. Or pay a visit to the oldest US restaurant in continuous service the Union Oyster House, established in 1826.
The Beantown fun fact: Happy hours are against the law. Since 1984, the typical post-work drink deals have been banned in the city.

America’s Walking City

boston-77500_1280Boston has the seventh-highest percentage of pedestrian commuters of any city in the US, and the neighboring Cambridge has the highest. But Boston is also the home of the oldest public park in the country. The Boston Common dates back to 1634 and is still a popular place among tourists and local citizens alike. And if you take the Esplanade, a 3 mile path along the shores of the Charles River, you will witness how the September sun colors the leafs in shades of gold, red and brown
America’s Walking City fun fact: Boston has also the first public beach in the USA – The Revere Beach, founded in 1895.

The Titletown

Fenway_Park17 NBA Championships of the Celtics, 8 World Series wins of the Red Sox, 6 Stanley Cups for the Bruins and 4 Super Bowl Championships won by New England Patriots. The last nickname on our list doesn’t require any further explanation. Visiting the legendary Fenway Park (its green color has been even patented by the Red Sox, now called the Fenway green), TD Garden or the Gillet Stadium and see one of the home teams in action is countless sport fans’ dream come true.
The Titletown fun fact: The current captain of Boston Bruins, Zdeno Chara, who also led the team to the Stanley Cup victory in 2011, comes from Slovakia. Just like Resco.
Check out The Boston Calendar, which will help you find even more events and attractions that can enrich your experience. 2015 is sadly over

However, you can pre-register for the upcoming edition which will take place in Munich (EU) and Philadelphia (US) in autumn 2016. Find out all the latest details at the official conference website

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