Try powerful new customization features with Woodford beta


Before each quarterly update, we offer 2 beta versions of Resco’s iOS, Android, and Windows apps.
And that’s still the case.  But now, we’re also adding the option for partners and customers to test Woodford’s new functionality before its official release. It is available for Dynamics 365/CRM, and is also a part of our Salesforce managed package and Resco Cloud betas.
With an updated beta testing program, professionals responsible for app project customizations and system admins have the opportunity to try new features in advance.

Who is it for?

Woodford beta testing is particularly beneficial for those who use Woodford for heavy customizations or have peculiar settings in place on the server side.
Prior testing helps to prevent potential issues when you are working on a critical project.
Furthermore, when you share your feedback, we will start working on fixes and incorporate them into the final version that will be officially released. You can contact us with your observations, suggestions, and any issues at Resco Support portal.
resco home form winter release 2020

Woodford improvements in the Winter release

In the Winter release, several customization improvements will be available. New features you can try through the beta release include:

  • Woodford Apps – manage and deploy multiple apps on the same organization, let mobile users switch between them.
  • Smarter Reports – easily customize automatic reports for Inspections for all backends

We already published the first beta version of our Winter Update 2020. And the second beta is available starting today, November 25.
At our Wiki’s Beta testing page you can also find instructions for signing up for regular beta testing of our apps. If you do (or already did in the past), you will receive an email notification immediately after future beta releases become available.

Download the beta and discover even more innovations

You can access Woodford for Dynamics 365/CRM, Salesforce managed package and Resco Cloud betas from our Wiki’s Beta testing page.
And we’re also preparing many other upgrades, not just for the Winter Update 2020. Learn more about what’s coming directly from Resco’s Head of Product, Juraj Mojik – you can now check out his session from the recent resco.next 2020 Virtual for free.