25+ innovations and new field service product now available in Resco Autumn Update 2021

Resco Autumn Update 2021

There is something for every user, customer, and partner in Resco’s Autumn Update 2021. Available now, the new additions include:

  • Streamlined sync with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • A faster way to create Inspections templates
  • New app UI for Real Wear
  • Improved route planning
  • Hierarchy tree & search
  • A new resco.FieldService product
  • Knowledge harvesting for resco.Guides
  • & much more!

Below, we’re taking a closer look at some of the highlights from the release. And make sure you don’t miss our webinar on October 7 to see them live in action.

New for Dynamics 365 – redesigned UI for RealWear, smarter sync, and improved Inspections

The Resco app for RealWear extended reality headsets is getting a new interface. Using the Resco app integrated with Microsoft Dynamics on RealWear can considerably simplify the users’ jobs. To help them work with added comfort using only their voice, we radically redesigned the app. The new UI is streamlined with improved controls and text readability, and it will make working with RealWear a breeze.

Those who integrate Resco with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can now also utilize the batching of multiple small attachments into one API call. This sync efficiency booster prevents you from spending too many API calls which Dynamics/Dataverse now monitor and will limit in the future. And the setup of synchronization with Dynamics 365 Business Central has been streamlined further.

Furthermore, the updates for Resco Inspections’ Questionnaire Designer will ensure that users will be able to create questionnaires directly from their own imported XLS files.

We are also adding the much-demanded ability to import multiple pictures at once when answering Image/Media questions.

All of these new additions are also immediately available in Resco Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365.

Hierarchy tree, optimized route planning & more available in all Resco solutions

When working with records in your Resco solution, you can display them in a hierarchy tree view for clearer overview. With a single click or tap, it will show you data in a clear-cut structure – such as customers, their assets, sub-assets, related orders, and more.

To find a specific item, users can also simply type into the freshly added Search bar. Any relevant record will show up highlighted within the hierarchy tree. Furthermore, there’s also the option for detailed search based on advanced parameters when clicking on the “Search” button.

As part of the Autumn Update, we are also introducing several improvements to route planning. Routes AI can now calculate the fastest route more accurately than ever. It takes into account live and historical traffic data, depending on how far in the future is the departure time set, and is currently utilized primarily by Resco Mobile Sales clients. Additionally, the addition of JavaScript to Routes gives users the chance to set up custom rules and logic, as well as their own primary fields.

Earlier this year, we have also added the option to configure the behavior of the Run Report command in any Resco app. However, starting with Autumn Update 2021, you can configure the command via Woodford’s graphical user interface and not only a JSON code string.

Learn in detail about all the new additions available for our platform and see our official documentation.

resco.FieldService – Powerful capabilities, strong field service focus

The freshly unveiled resco.FieldService enables companies to excel in field technician digitalization, schedule optimization, and work order automation.

With the new solution, organizations can utilize proven functionality with features based around integral parts of field service operations: work orders, asset management, and schedules.

resco.FieldService allows you to equip field techs with a world-class mobile app, digitize all paperwork, and automate many manual tasks in operations.

The solution contains all field-proven features, including Inspections form designer, scheduler, route planner, reports, or RealWear support, and functionalities like asset hierarchy, preventive maintenance plans, and Client Portal.

Furthermore, the field technicians take advantage of the powerful Resco mobile app with the capabilities known from the Inspections solution. The dynamic mobile forms help workers to collect precise data and minimize the risk of mistakes during maintenance and inspection procedures.

resco.FieldService offers strong integration options with Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Dynamics 365 Business Central via OData and Power Automate.

You can find out more about the newly launched resco.FieldService on the official product website and in our blog.

Knowledge harvesting for smarter upskilling and training

Senior workers’ hard-earned knowledge often goes undocumented, making upskilling and training new recruits difficult. Capture even tribal know-how before it’s gone with the new resco.Guides functionality – knowledge harvesting.

Technicians can document each step of a task with written instructions and digital media. Turn their real-life experience into guides that are always ready when needed and help new team members to perform tasks with confidence and precision.

Stay tuned for more news on resco.Huston coming at the resco.next conference.

Bring the ultimate mobile experience to your organization

You can explore all the new features available in the Autumn Update 2021 here. Or register for our upcoming webinar and check out how the new capabilities work live, on October 7.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us through Resco Support portal.

And If you haven’t worked with Resco before and want to try the Autumn Update capabilities, simply check out www.resco.net and start a free 30-day trial of any of our solutions.