Autumn Update 2021 preview: Back to work with powerful knowledge harvesting, smarter sync, and new Inspections capabilities

autumn update 2021 screenshots with houston and inspections app

Resco’s Autumn Update 2021 will arrive at the end of September. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights you can expect in the upcoming release.

New exciting options in Inspections questionnaires

Many improvements are coming to Inspections’ questionnaires this autumn. Firstly, you will be able to create and import digital forms into Resco’s solution much faster and smoother than before. With the new importing and editing functionality, you will transform your Excel files into Inspections questionnaires in seconds.

You will be also able to document the condition of your assets more comprehensively. Enhanced image selection option enables technicians to add multiple media files within individual questions. The images, photos, and videos convey important information about the condition of assets that you can inspect quickly and store for retrospective controls.

resco inspections app with new add image functionality

Usage-based preventive maintenance for your assets

In our Summer Update, we unveiled new maintenance management capabilities in the Inspections solution. Fast forward to autumn 2021 and Resco users will have another advanced functionality for the preventive maintenance operations at their disposal.

You will be able to set up conditions for service jobs based on usage and prevent over-maintenance or under-maintenance of any machinery or equipment. Managers will be able to set up conditions under which a new work order will be created, e.g. oil change every 5,000 miles or machine belt change after 500 operating hours.

Technicians will get notified about an upcoming service task or inspection automatically, so they can maintain proper maintenance schedules every time and effectively inspect assets when needed. In combination with time-based preventive maintenance, service operators can mitigate unnecessary tasks and prevent confusion in work order management administered on paper or spreadsheets.

Knowledge harvesting with Resco Houston

autumn update 2021 image with resco houston app

If you keep up with the news, you may already know that many organizations are taking a blow due to the silver tsunami – a wave of retiring baby boomers. As there are no new professionals to replace them, the knowledge and expertise accumulated over the decades of practice is getting lost. Therefore, the concept of knowledge retention is more important now than ever.

Get your organization ready to preserve know-how accumulated across your organization. This autumn, we are adding unique knowledge harvesting capabilities to Resco Houston. By decentralizing the creation of instructions and allowing workers to participate, you can build your knowledge base natively based on real life experience.

Users will be able to easily document their daily tasks step-by-step. New guides are going to be sorted into customizable categories. Workers will be able to take photos and add them at the scene or later from a gallery, and then edit them right in the app. Those can be accompanied with annotations and written instructions. A drag and drop function for each step will be also included for easy editing and better user experience.

Smarter synchronization with Dynamics and more

As you probably already know, last fall Microsoft started to restrict the number of web requests (API calls) to Dynamics 365 servers. To be able to make more requests, users need to purchase them. But when working with a large database, you might run into a situation when the number of your requests exceeds the limit. And that leads to connectivity interruptions.

That’s why we’re making the synchronization with Dynamics more efficient in all Resco apps by bulking a certain number of small attachments into a single web request to avoid hitting the request cap.

As part of the Autumn Update, we are working on introducing a much-demanded feature for Routes AI. Until now, the service calculated the fastest route based on distance without considering live traffic. Our new update will take into account live and historical traffic data, depending on how far in the future is the departure time.

Plus we’re are also looking to add payment QR codes to mobile reports – which will make invoices generated as reports instantly payable on the spot.

Want to experience Resco Autumn Update early?

We’re developing these and many other great upgrades for our Autumn Update 2021 – and we’d like you to see them first.

Join our exclusive beta-testing community and you’ll always get the first look at each new Resco release before it’s offered to the general public. You’ll be able to try out new features, tell us what works the best for you, and suggest where we can improve.

The first beta of the Autumn Update will land mid-September. If you sign up for beta testing (or have already signed up in the past) you will receive an email notification immediately after it becomes available.

Please note that the features and images above are development previews and can be subject to change in the final product release.