Autumn Release ’19 & Salesforce user – New web experience & other bonus features


What’s new in Resco for Salesforce?

Resco’s Autumn ’19 release brings noteworthy updates that make life more enjoyable; for field users and especially for admins.
When you are a Woodford administrator at your company, you know there is a learning curve. It can feel overwhelming at first. That’s why it’s vital to get a guiding hand when blazing your trail to master Resco for Salesforce.
Tips for admins are now an essential part of your daily Resco experience. They come along with a brand-new registration portal.
And we just scratched the surface.
All the new features are designed to make you feel comfortable and confident while working with Resco for Salesforce. Here’s a rundown of the most significant ones:

#1 Connect your Salesforce organization with Resco via Web

Probably the most notable change of this release is a new user interface of Resco for Salesforce Administration Portal.
“Admins of Resco for Salesforce deserve the smoothest experience when monitoring and configuring Resco for their organization. It is our top priority to listen closely to their feedback and constantly deliver improvements to our tooling. In this version, we are making it possible to connect the Salesforce organization with Resco directly via the web interface, with the help of a freshmen’s Welcome Guide. We also added many new validations and informational messages throughout Woodford. It is not just more intuitive and faster, it also comes within a fancier, more colorful look that I hope you are going to love as much as we do.“ Marek Estok, Salesforce Development Lead
The new Administration Portal entails:

For this experience, all you need is to go here https://salesforce.resco.net/ for production or here https://salesforce-test.resco.net/ for a sandbox organization.
You will find and be able to set up everything necessary for the mobile app and the Woodford configuration tool to work. So there is no need to connect the mobile app as the first step.

#2 Let your phone detect the products with AI Image recognition

While at the customer site, take advantage of Resco’s integration with Azure Custom Vision. Simply snap a picture and let your phone recognize the displayed product, asset, or any machine without a need to scan its barcode or enter a part number.

#3 Make your Inspection processes more visual using Tagged image

Enrich your check-lists, questionnaires, and surveys by Tagged Images. Tell stories and describe operations by tagging relevant items of an image. You can add structured information to each tag, such as a description of damaged assets, number of products on the shelf and so on.

#4 Control Inspections with your voice on SmartWatches

Did you know? Dictating is approximately 3-times faster than typing, giving users more time to visit clients, or process orders, all on the go. You can perform all inspection-related operations on Wear OS devices. All of this easily integrated with any Sales, Field Service, or Inspections app project. Fill in the editable checklists directly on-site using one small handy device.

#5 Let other users see the last published version of a Questionnaire template

Just like when you and your colleagues work on any shared document, from now on with Resco’s templates – ‘the versioning‘ is available for Questionnaire Templates. Meaning that the users will be able to see the last ‘published‘ version while still working on edits. The testers will see a modified questionnaire first. All the previous versions and edits will be stored, and you can roll back to a specific version at any time.

#6 Be 100% productive with updated default app projects

Default app project templates for Sales, Field Service, and Inspections are fine-tuned and updated to reflect new features such as Button Detail Items, Tagged Image. Salesforce files are now first-class citizens used by default for mobile reports, product images, and profile pictures.

#7 See how others manage Resco with Salesforce on the go

How does a charity organization in Uganda dedicate money to those in need and save on technologies? Our customers like Jet Import, or the biggest Red Bull distributor in Benelux and NGO Love in Action, decided to share their success stories utilizing our technology with Salesforce: read all about it here: Love in action & Jet Import / Red Bull.
Stay tuned; there is more to come.
Nothing is more valuable than your feedback and questions. Please, feel free to share your thoughts at salesforce@resco.net.