How to Nail Auditing in Resco CRM – Quick Overview

“Mobile Audit is a tool that greatly helps managers understand how their field workers use the mobile CRM app. And if the results are bad, they can easily identify a way to make improvements.”

See how Resco’s CEO, Radomir Vozar explains why we all need a mobile audit to increase the productivity of field workers and achieve ROIs significantly earlier in one of his blogs.
However, what if I were to tell you, there was a way to avoid future data management mistakes within the Resco CRM Server, as well?  Auditing in Resco CRM represents a warning sign when something goes wrong. Nobody likes to take a step back, but you must track changes to avoid future mistakes.

Why Start Auditing (and keep up with it)

It allows you to:

  • Track & analyze the history of a particular record
  • Record all the changes made by each user
  • Trace modifications made – on entity or field-level
  • Get a peek at user actions in order to boost business processes
  • Find out about the synchronization changes
  • View a summary of every change in a csv. file

“I don’t need to track the end users, I trust my employees!”
Audit is often mistaken for a tool that only decreases the level of employee trust towards their bosses. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with it! Audit is just another word for monitoring or tracking. Hence, this functionality lets you see the comparison of the new and the old value of a chosen entity/field. You can then easily discover the details about each change and get to the bottom of it: Who made the change? Why was it made? What kind of change is it and was it even needed?

Watch this video and start Auditing!

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