A Serious Approach to Serious Field Processes

If you have not heard the news yet, chances are you will. Soon.
Resco has been filling the mobile gap in Field Service for almost two years now. For the uninitiated, in fall 2018, Microsoft and Resco announced a partnership with an expiration date. And it looks like that expiration date has now been set.
Last month, Microsoft previewed a new app to showcase the future path for Field Service Mobile.

What does this mean for me, a Field Service Customer?

First things first. The current, Resco-based FS mobile app is the recommended application* and should be your first choice while customers are encouraged to check out the new Field Service (Dynamics 365) app.**
Second, Resco is not going anywhere. We have been in the business for over 20 years, long before the partnership with Microsoft, and plan to be at the forefront of innovative mobile technology for at least another 20.
Mobile experience plays a crucial role in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. After all, technicians working in the field are a big part of every field service business. They are front and center when things need to get fixed, when there is a defect, or when making sure everything goes by the plan. We rely on them to deliver great service. They, on the other hand, rely on their experience, skills, and toolset.
Microsoft has presented a plan how to replace a piece of technician’s toolset, the mobile app, in the horizon of two years. Provided the new Field Service (Dynamics 365) app will eventually catch up with the current Resco-based app. When you contemplate this idea, make sure you are aware it is Microsoft Power Apps based and consider how that fits in your mobile strategy and budget.
After all, Power Apps has been around since 2015 supporting various user scenarios. Yet more and more companies are looking at Resco when looking for a serious approach to mobility. Scenarios where a mobile device is your only tool. Mobile first, mobile only. Field Service is the epitome of this.

Resco has your back

If Resco had learned one thing about mobile technology in its 20+ year history, it is that mobility sprints forward like Usain Bolt in Berlin, Germany, in 2009. Our technology has evolved to a completely new level in a short space of time. Just over the last two years we’ve introduced Inspections, Routes, support for wearables, AI and image recognition, voice control, AR/VR headsets etc., becoming a true multi-experience tool. This is strongly supported by our focus on innovations backed by a team that map, define and implement the latest technological advancements into the Resco technology.
We are committed to blend our deep and rich mobile expertise with new concepts and approaches to mobile productivity into one platform, one technology. The technology, which is fully and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Field Service. Effectively extending the Microsoft offering. With no asterisks.
Our goal is simple, yet ambitious. We aspire to provide all Field Service customers with a (mobile) edge so that they can do a better job for their customers and clients.
I encourage you to check out Resco’s new Field Service 2.0 program – our first steps to achieving this goal. Explore a clear path forward to enrich your field service operations with futureproof technology directly from Resco.
I am very excited about the next two years and beyond.
Ivan Stano, Chief Operations Officer at Resco
* https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/field-service/mobile-2020-power-platform
** https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/it/2020/05/01/next-generation-field-service-mobile-app-available/

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