A customer’s guide to Resco Winter Update 2020


With Resco’s Winter Update, we’re delivering many productivity-boosting enhancements to our customers. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the most noteworthy additions. What do all these new features and improvements have in common? They are here to help you streamline complex processes, save time, and boost performance. Let’s dive straight in.

Report design and preview simplified

Our business users find it quite simple to master the ins and outs of creating forms in the Questionnaire Designer. However, once they got to the point where they had to design a report – the final PDF document summarizing the inspection – they often got stuck. Working with the Report Editor is a bit more challenging as it requires advanced technical skills. Realizing that this can cause headaches for business users, we decided to eliminate the problem.

From now on, users don’t even need to open the Report Designer to design a report. Instead, they can do it in the Questionnaire Designer, which doesn’t require any special technical skills. This allows users to create forms and design reports at the same time.

You can easily change report properties or set different styles, layouts, directly in the Questionnaire Designer’s interface. Moreover, you can effectively recreate the structure and visual of existing reports. And after adjusting the report you can preview it right away – all in the Questionnaire Designer.

And if you wish to make further customizations to the report you’ve created (for example, to fetch data from other entities), you can always do so in the more robust Report Editor.

Set up mobile reports from Questionnaire Designer available in: Resco Inspections

Choose a pre-defined report template

To give your report designs a starting point, you can also choose from three pre-defined report themes directly in the Questionnaire Designer.

Pre-defined report templates available in: Resco Inspections

Manager’s experience: Switch between apps with a single click

When using Inspections on the Resco Cloud web app, managers can switch seamlessly between two default apps (Inspector, Manager) with just one click. This means that they no longer have to download the mobile version to see how the inspectors’ app looks like.

Switch apps in Manager’s experience available in: Resco Inspections

AR video calls coming to every device

Starting with the Winter update, AR video calls can serve even more workers. Houston AR video calls are now available on all major platforms – iOS, Android, and your PC’s web browser. There’s no need to invest in any additional equipment, as technicians have everything they need in their pockets. Resco Houston’s availability on Android also means that it can be leveraged on ruggedized devices, such as Cat S61, Zebra, and RealWear HMT1.

Next-level precision

Thanks to the integration of ARKit’s Plane detection functionality, instructions can be placed on components more precisely. It allows users to visualize the scene’s depth and highlight even the tiniest details.

Access Houston AR video calls from any Resco app

Another great thing happening around Resco Houston is that you no longer need an Inspections license to use AR remote assistance. You can take advantage of it from any Resco app.

Resco Houston available in: all Resco products

One user, multiple apps

What if users wouldn’t be limited to one app experience? What if they could easily switch between various app projects, especially if they have multiple roles?

If this is something you and your organization could benefit from, we have good news for you. With this Winter Update, we’re introducing App Concept, which allows users to define multiple app projects and choose which one they will use in any given situation. All it takes to switch between the different app projects suited for various roles is one click – it’s that simple.

App Concept available in: all Resco products

A Home form that reflects your priorities

Every organization has different needs and priorities, which now can be reflected on the Home form of your Resco app – be it Inspections, Routes, Mobile Sales, or Field Service. Organize your Home screen into clear-cut sections, so you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

And we’ve also redesigned the Home forms in our out-of-the-box app projects, to provide additional inspiration.

Streamlined Home form setup and new Home forms in default app projects available in: Multi-experience Development Platform

Real-time collaboration with Chatter

Chatter, the popular real-time collaboration platform of the Salesforce ecosystem, is now available in Resco’s mobile apps. Chatter allows those integrating Resco with Salesforce to securely exchange information, view record updates, and collaborate more efficiently. Get creative with all of Chatter’s possibilities – add emoticons, attach images, and use the rich text formatting to emphasize your point or to arrange your text into distinct sections. And users can keep up with the latest updates, even in offline mode.

Salesforce Chatter available in: Multi-experience Development Platform

There’s much more

These were some of the highlights of Resco’s Winter Update 2020, however, there’s still so much more for you to explore. If you want to see the complete list of new features and improvements, visit our Wiki.

If you haven’t used Resco before and want to try the Winter Update capabilities, simply check out www.resco.net and start a free trial of one (or more) of our products.