8 not-to-miss events for CRM professionals


Once you start sailing in the waters of CRM, you realize it is not exactly a smooth one way journey. You are often forced to take several turns or take a step back. Sometimes you may end up stuck in the “harbor” for a while.
But guess what? That is all fine. As long as you don’t just sit there and wait for a random sailor to save you. You are the one to take an initiative. Go ahead and talk to people. Ask for help, seek for advice.
Even the biggest players – the most experienced & bravest fish face imperfections. The CRM industry is one massive universe with its highs and lows, but it is also a great place to grow and learn.

Events, summits, conferences.

That is something that comes into the picture here. The CRM events make for a convenient way to share and hear the CRM stories or to jump from one powerful shop talk to another.
Half of 2015 is gone, but the exhilarating roller coaster ride of CRM events is just about to start.
Here comes a list of the ones worth checking out:

CRM Evolution 2015, August 17-19, New York

The conference & exhibition from the editors of CRM magazine.

EvoluTimes_Square,_New_York_City_(HDR)tion conference is designed for you, whether you are in sales, marketing, customer service, or IT or if you are simply anyhow involved in an organization that is looking for answers on how to get along with your customers.

The sessions refer to various topics from sales, marketing, customer service, and management strategies that tackle the latest trends in their respective areas. Key focus areas include customer engagement strategies leveraging social media, mobile technologies, multichannel environments, and analytics   

Why to attend

  • Create great customer engagements
  • Prepare for customer trends that are reshaping the marketplace
  • Leverage technologies that will change customer relationships

Gartner Customer 360 Summit, September 9-11, San Diego, California

510412688_b21d2db68a_bEngage & delight customers in the digital age, overcome customer data issues and implement & design great applications and analytics. Those are the three pillars of “Delivering Great Customer Experiences at the Speed of Digital Business.” At least this is what Gartner believes shapes CRM industry.
This is the place for all the people in the roles such as IT Professionals, Customer Data & Analytics, Customer Experience or IT Leaders.

Why to attend

  • Learn new Customer Technologies in the Digital Age
  • Design the real life Customer Experience
  • Understand how to create Customer-Centric Organization

Resco.next, September 14-15, Boston, Massachusetts

After the successful first edition ever of Resco.next in Vienna this June, the mobile CRM conference strikes again, this time on the American continent. 2 days of educational conference consisting of technical & business sessions that will give you deep insights into the Mobile CRM market.
Resco.next promised to lead you on the way of taking your business to the next level thanks to mobile CRM technology. Whether you are an IT or a Business professional, this is a place to be.
Why to attend

  • Get to know Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM & Resco CRM better
  • Discover new opportunities to grow your business
  • See where the technology is heading and get a glimpse into the future of CRM

Idea Conference – Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, September 24

Other kind of a conference. The “Idea” is broadcasted live online. You can enjoy the collection of presentations to hear ideas, case studies and best practices for marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM from your comfy sofa.
Why to attend

  • See how marketing automation solutions are a big part of CRM systems
  • Follow the tips & tricks on how to apply Social CRM in your own Dynamics CRM environment
  • Explore the techniques that can help you increase customer retention or uncover new sales opportunities

CRM Expo, September 29 – October 01, Stuttgart, Germany

For all the Expo lovers. Stuttgart is the city mostly known for its fancy mass Expositions. The main goal of the gathering is to bring together the exhibitors that will show how the companies can work more efficiently, simply, safely and economically by means of optimizing their operational processes.
You will have a chance to attend technical forums, be a part of networking events and literally take a walk along several CRM key areas and topics from social/mobile CRM to lead management.
Why to attend

  • Take part in discussions on the trend topics CRM related
  • Meet companies mastering Customer relationship Management
  • Get a better picture about multiple digital processes and solutions

CRMUG Summit, October 13-16, Reno, Nevada

2300136536_22aab24e26_b All eyes on the ultimate Microsoft Dynamics CRM learning and networking event!
If you are all about the Dynamics CRM, make plans to join the summit in Reno that comes with the incomparable opportunity to learn in a collaborative environment, share Dynamics CRM knowledge and take advantage of unrivaled networking opportunities.
If you ever have high expectations of an event, save the spot in your calendar for CRMUG Summit. It will not only meet, but most likely exceed your expectations.
Why to attend

  • Visit 100+ in-depth breakout sessions and group discussions, most led by fellow Dynamics CRM users
  • Get the best out of individual learning tracks so you can focus on what’s most important to you
  • Share your insights and feedback about Dynamics CRM to help with the product improvements

eXtreme CRM, November 16-19, San Diego, California

030819-N-6501M-005 San Diego, Calif. (Aug. 19, 2003) -- With the San Diego skyline in the background, a C-9B Skytrain II assign to the Another occasion that brings Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners together to forge relationships, gain real-world knowledge and dive deep into the current and future technologies. eXtreme was brought to life to help Dynamics community to sell, deploy and extend the Dynamics CRM solution.
Why to attend

  • Work side by side with Microsoft Dynamics Experts to help you boost your business
  • Choose from a wide range of track sessions, training opportunities and networking events
  • Sign up for the Innovation Challenge and help to solve business problems with Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Convergence 2015, November 30-December 02, Barcelona, Spain

The Convergence that everybody talks about. Well, at least in the CRM world. They say if you want to meet the top minds in the business, all in one place, get yourself to Microsoft Convergence. 3 day event, where you will gain insights from thought-leading experts.
Probably a must-attend to all the Microsoft Dynamics CRM enthusiasts.
Why to attend

  • Get the insider’s look at innovative tools that will give your company an edge
  • Discover the solutions, the connections and the inspiration to use CRM for your busines to the fullest
  • Meet leading business experts & connect with CRM peers from all over the world

Feeling inspired to take your business to the next level?
Start marking the dates in your calendar! There is a big chance, we see each other soon.

It’s 2016 already!

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