7 great uses for Resco Mobile Apps: Dynamics CRM mobile applications for external non-CRM users

A Dynamics CRM application doesn’t have to be for employees only. You can create one for external non-CRM users.
Like who?

1. Volunteers

Having a lot of volunteers is great. They spread the word about your non-profit and get a lot of work done, for free. However, managing them can be a hustle. It doesn’t have to be. With an app in their hands, they can get updates and notifications from you, ask you or their peers a question, and report back to you once they’ve completed a task.

2. Clients

Th ink about a gym that wants to do something special for its members. So it gives them an app, in which the members can track their visits, see the list of classes they can take, book a personal trainer, access a collection of healthy recipes, and buy sportswear and nutrition supplements. Th e app can generate new revenue for the gym and make it stand out from its competition.

3. Agents

An insurance company employs external agents that sell the products from its insurance portfolio. The problem is, they are not real employees and therefore are not standard CRM users. Th is makes it hard for them to stay on top of things, because they cannot access CRM as their employed counterparts can. By giving them a tool, an app, in which they can access their client and prospect list, keep track of their opportunities, get notified on new products and discounts, you’re making the collaboration a lot more effective and easy for both sides.

4. City residents

City residents are interested in things that affect them. Give them an app, in which they’ll be able to report issues (such as a pothole on a street or damaged speed-limit sign), apply for permits, take part in pools or see when & where the next flee market takes place. Th e app provides the means for them to be more engaged with the community.

5. Fans

A sport club that relies on Microsoft Dynamics CRM in not that uncommon. With Resco Mobile Apps, the club has a power-tool in its hands. Th e fans will go cuckoo over an app that notifies them of upcoming games, gives them the chance to purchase tickets & mechanize, and allows them to chat with other fans or even players.

6. Customers

Let’s say a company that sells and installs swimming pools recently decided to provide maintenance services as well. To promote and carry out this idea, its customers get an app – they can then go in and easily request a repair or a pool clean-up. It takes only a few seconds of a customer’s time to create the order. And the company knows where to go & what tools to bring without needing to ask. It’s a win-win.

7. Business allies

Your suppliers, business partners & contractors are here to work with you. An app can be an ideal tool to streamline this collaboration. Th ey can manage their data (so you’ll for example know where to send the invoice), create orders without needing to contact you via phone or email, be updated on pending shipments and much more.
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