7 advantages of providing a mobile CRM for your field service team

There’s a lot more to field service than just screwdrivers and spare components. But what should you focus on when selecting and configuring a mobile solution to truly simplify the handling of tasks and activities your field service staff deal with on a daily basis?
Resco Mobile CRM is currently used by field engineers at Bridgestone, property inspectors at Enterprise Inns, mechanics and trucking supervisors at Blueknight Energy Partners, and fire prevention inspectors of Norway’s capital, Oslo. Drawing on our experience with these and numerous other organizations that use Resco for field service, here’s our 7 tips on what to keep in mind when enhancing field service processes through mobility.

Easy access to essential information

Being able to look up the details about clients, products or services is field service mobility 101. Especially when your company’s portfolio changes and grows over time. None of us can simply “remember it all”, therefore having also quick access to manuals, instructions, service history overview and other related records makes completing a service job even more straightforward.

Painless data collection

It’s not just about how technicians access the data that’s already in your system. How they’ll add fresh information is just as important. Fortunately mobile devices provide a variety of options to do so efficiently, while on site. From quickly typing in the details and prefilled options on forms, to checkboxes and drop down picklists. And that’s just the start – let your team capture photos, attach notes in form of audio recordings, or even add a video showing the difference before and after the service.

Precise targeting of customer needs

With information synchronized from the technicians to the back office, other departments can also leverage these updates. For example, sales teams can review and analyze it to better target the customers’ future requirements.

Staying on top of assigned tasks

Whether a planned service visit or a last minute emergency, the back office can assign a service job and the responsible technician will be notified about it immediately via a mobile app – no need to make calls or send e-mails.

Eliminating distractions

A mobile application can help technicians to keep focus and guide them through a service process step-by-step, ensuring that no measure will get omitted or forgotten. And when done, they can close the task by having the customer sign via the screen.

Reduced paperwork, no need for data re-entry

Make re-typing data from sheets of paper history. It will spare your staff of lengthy administrative work and also eliminate mistakes that may occur when people have to manually re-write what they had already noted down once.

Improved cash flow

Additionally, the field service staff can use their mobile solution to generate an invoice as soon as the job’s complete. They can review the invoice while still in the field, and share it automatically with both customers and the backoffice, so it will get paid as soon as possible.
Deploying Resco Mobile CRM can help keep your field service team working effectively with these advantages. The application seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Oracle CX, and can be used even as a standalone CRM solution. To learn more about Resco Mobile CRM for field service visit http://www.resco.net/mobilecrm/field-service.aspx,ask us at mobilecrm@resco.net, or join us this November in Munich or Philadelphia for resco.next 2016.