6 reasons to upgrade to Field Service 2.0

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Since 2018, Resco has been the official mobility provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, playing a pivotal role in its success. We’ve had countless discussions with our Dynamics partners over the years, trying to understand their needs as deeply and thoroughly as possible as they deliver exceptional Field Service applications to their customers.

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, the same concerns about the direction for mobility keep coming up again and again: years spent customizing the Dynamics and Resco solution, investing a significant amount of time and money in it, and not wanting to start all over again on a new platform. Especially when what’s on the other side might not handle their mobile workload as seamlessly and efficiently as the Resco-based solution.

These concerns are all valid. And we want you to know that we have your back. We developed Field Service 2.0 to make sure we offer a viable solution for all of these concerns and more. To make sure your investment in Resco technology is safe and can be further leveraged.

Why upgrade to Field Service 2.0?

1. Don’t go back to zero

If you use the Resco-based Dynamics solution, you probably spent much time customizing the app to create a reliable system. Your technicians mastered the app, and it’s a vital part of their work every single day. You know that it’s a solution you can rely on even in the most challenging situations.

Switching to the new Power App means all of these investments are gone, and you have to start again from zero. You have to re-train your technicians, and you can’t even be sure whether the app will deliver everything it promises. With Field Service 2.0, you can be sure that none of the work invested in Resco technology gets lost, and you can keep on reaping the fruits of that initial investment.

2. Lower costs in the long run

Field Service 2.0 requires a Resco license, and we know that you’ve already invested in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. However, if you think about the long-term development costs of switching to the Power App, you’re much better off with Resco. The license costs of Field Service 2.0 still don’t exceed the development costs of opting for the new Power App-based solution.

We’ve also put together a special pricing for existing Microsoft Field Service customers. For more details on that, contact us at sales@resco.net or reach out to your Resco account manager.

3. Take advantage of the full spectrum of Resco solutions

Field Service 2.0 is the combination of Resco’s Multiexperience Development Platform, Inspections, Routes, and Field Service functionality. Think about it as everything we learned about mobility during our 20 years on the market rolled into one seamless experience. It’s enhanced with the latest technological advancements, as we’re always on the frontline of innovation. Let’s look at some of these extra functionalities in more detail in the following points.

4. Inspections — faster data collection and streamlined workflows

Inspections allows you to create dynamic forms and speed up data collection. Whether you need just a simple questionnaire with a few questions or a more complex one with hundreds of questions and a lot of rules, Inspections got you covered.

5. Routes — the must-have functionality for every mobile scenario

With Routes, you can utilize live location tracking to keep track of your staff. Easily re-route your technicians to avoid traffic jams, so they can complete more visits and get everywhere on time. Live tracking provides more accurate data and new insights for the back office as well. If there’s an emergency, scheduling managers or supervisors can immediately see who’s nearby to ensure that issues get solved quickly.

6. Innovations — choose the right device for the right situation

Whichever device is your favorite, our technology fully supports it. Smartwatches, smart glasses, AR/VR headsets, phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops – you can leverage Field Service 2.0 on any of them. We also support AI image recognition, tagged images, and voice control.

If your technicians need help from an expert colleague, they can initiate a call via Houston AR video calls feature, directly from the mobile application. Thanks to the precise AR instructions, back-office experts can guide technicians in the field through the whole process as if they would be next to them. As a result, they can always make sure to finish the job on the first visit.


And this is still not everything. Field Service 2.0 also:

  • Integrates seamlessly with all major versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Field Service.
  • Works 100% offline – thanks to its flawless offline capability, it gets the job done everywhere. Our technology has been used all around the world, even in places with limited connectivity and almost no infrastructure.

Upgrade your field service technology today

For more information on Field Service 2.0, visit the official product website.

And if you have any questions or concerns that we didn’t touch upon in this blog post, reach out to us through Resco Support portal.