30 days "free trial" at Resco: Impressions and Thoughts of a Newbie

Luckily, there’s almost no subscription service out there that doesn’t offer a free trial. When you visit Netflix, Spotify, and even LinkedIn Premium for the first time you usually see a message that says 30 days free trial. This is when you need to see and evaluate what they offer and how you can make the most of it.
A month ago, I had the same experience entering a new industry which I wasn’t initially interested in. Never in my life, I imagined myself getting into the IT world. In fact, way back at the university, I was all about Math. Everything back then was just numbers, equations, or computations. Although, when you look at the big picture, Math is not just about memorizing formulas but also about understanding them. The same rule applies when starting a new job.
A month ago, I started my “free trial” at Resco as a part of the Resco’s Salesforce team. As a newcomer, I would describe Resco as a solution for pretty much any company that has something to do with mobility. That has teams of workers that don’t just sit at the office desks. Those guys would either work manually on construction sites or installing and repairing things. Resco can be used for sales too. For example in a modern company that is not a big fan of traditional stacks of papers & forms.
Here are my first thoughts:
Coming to this industry is a challenge for someone with almost no technical background. If you are a salesperson like me, 1 month can be enough to know the product you are selling from bottom to top. In my case, it’s more than that. I’m still getting familiar with 2 things. One is Resco tech itself and the second is understanding Salesforce, or least the basics of it.
A good understanding is enough to start interacting with potential clients and partners. I had a few phone calls with partners – some were good, some not so much. I believe that each person has a different approach to how they sell, and I am still testing which approach works for me the best.


Sometimes I am still amazed what Resco or mobility, in general, can do. Maybe it didn’t occur to me until I started working here because back in my previous job, it wasn’t really a requirement. Back then was more like if it’s 17:30, we just close the computer and we are done. Now, it’s so much better and easier to check information anywhere, anytime.


Salesforce is another complex ecosystem & technology. I believe complex is good. There’s a saying that whatever makes your life easier is the definition of technology. For example, searching Google saves time compared to looking for answers in your notebook.

Work environment

If you’re looking for a new job, then assessing the work environment is a vital step that you shouldn’t skip. After all, this is the place you might be working in the future and you don’t want to drag yourself to work every single day.
Resco recently moved to a new office, Nivy Tower. It’s said to be the tallest building in central Europe and the location is the center of business life in the Slovak capital, Bratislava. So far, it seems like everything that you need is in one building. Worry no more about not being able to go home or sleep because we have a place designed for that too. (Although, I’m not implying that we are required to work 24/7.)
Before, I had this wrong image about tech companies. People sitting with their laptops and code the entire day without breaks. But, here people actually talk to each other and have fun! I feel like we should all be able to have a respectful work environment because if you do, you’ll be your best self.

Would I continue with my subscription?

30 days are almost over, and you ask yourself, will I continue? Will I subscribe to the program? Well, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog if I wasn’t.
Understanding how each technology company works can be a long process. It requires a lot of time, effort, but also enthusiasm and eagerness to be a part of this world. Just reading theories is not enough.
I have no regrets to be in this industry, this sector is moving forward rapidly and that’s what makes it exciting.
Learning is a constant process and it doesn’t stop because technology does not suppress creativity, in fact, technology enhances creativity and we could all move forward together in this exciting world ahead of us.
If you want to talk to me more about my experience, feel free to add me on LinkedIn.
Jane Caputolan, Account Executive for Dublin – Salesforce

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