Mobile CRM Predictions for 2016 (Infographics)

It’s 2016. Mobility is on the rise.
Is the ‘Desktop world’ coming to an end? How big of an impact will it have on CRM technologies? Will this year be a tipping point when mobile CRM replaces the desktop version?

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
First of all, there is no doubt that mobile CRM is the future. According to Sage Software Solutions, mobile technologies will explode by more than 500 % in 2016. With the arrival of New Year, we collected the mobile CRM predictions for Resco Mobile CRM users from numeral sources*. Here are the best mobile CRM insights of what the future might hold:
CRM predictions 2016

New Definition of Mobile CRM

How would you define mobile CRM? People often picture the application. The truth is that, so far, many mobile CRM apps have focused on providing a basic phone-ready version of the desktop version. Over the next 12 months, however, we will see mobile apps with a full set of features that are mobile-specific. It will be much easier to use CRM on the go with qualities like GPS navigation, route planning or note-taking.

Unlimited Functionality

The times when your smartphone didn’t cooperate with the CRM app are over. The mobile platforms are becoming more powerful with each second. Your phone will display the latest analytics via CRM. E.g., you will choose the data you want to transform into actionable tasks.

CRM will become ‘Wearable’

The development of wearable technology in the CRM sector is definitely something to keep a watchful eye out for. Smart watches, glasses or helmets will boost your sales mobility. With just a simple glance and gentle tap on a tiny device, any rep can check-in, dial a client, and follow a pre-selected route.

Power of Data Protection & Data Accuracy

Data is what makes CRM work. In the coming year, businesses will only trust those CRM vendors that provide extra security to the critical customer data of the companies. Also, in today’s world, data change at a faster pace than ever before. The longer one waits to update CRM data the higher the percentage of inaccurate data will be (as well a higher loss of potential revenue).

Integrations will make all the Difference

Integration possibilities with different web services & tools are an important decision-making factor when looking for a mobile CRM system. They are bridging the gap between the sales and marketing department, hence, fostering the organization’s processes. With advancement in technology, CRM has matured to the point when it is more than just a simple system.

Higher User Adoption Rates

Let’s face it. People have always been resistant to a change — to use different CRM system or to go mobile. But with increasing use and dependence on mobile technology, the companies using mobile CRM solutions are seeing far higher adoption rates. Another reason is that users frequently come across survey results showing that organizations who have successfully implemented mobile CRM saw clear benefits and real business value.  
One thing is for sure, Resco Mobile CRM is ahead of its time and has been able to deliver the top-notch solution before it was cool. 🙂
If you are a business yet to adopt mobile CRM now is the time to get it. The competition will only grow.
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*data sources:

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