11 ways how we help partners succeed with co-marketing

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We want our partners to be successful. And marketing is a crucial part of any organization’s success.  That’s why we provide comprehensive support in this area.

Whether your goal is to sell Resco solutions into your existing customer base, break into new markets or niches, or just raise awareness of your Resco-related offering, we got you covered. 

You can count on us to assist you in your marketing endeavors and share market intelligence (such as technology trends, competitor intelligence, and market segmentation). 

Resco’s marketing enablement can be divided into three areas: 

  1. Co-marketing packages 
  2. Standard marketing support
  3. Marketing assets 

Read on to find out more about them. 

Resco co-marketing program for partners - explanation

Co-marketing can benefit any brand that wants to broaden its audience, increase brand awareness, and offer a new type of content. It’s the process of growing two or more businesses at the same time by working together to share expertise and offer value to their audiences. 

In co-marketing, partner involvement is more significant. It can require financial investment from both parties, but may also lead to bigger rewards. For partners that meet certain criteria, we offer special co-marketing packages, which can be combined for one project or campaign. These packages are usually reserved for Partners certified in Resco Academy and have at least one successful Resco implementation on their record. 

1. Webinar with paid promotion

This type of webinar is one of the best ways how to generate quality customer leads – just ask FIELDBOSS 

Last year, together with Elevator World, a leading global media outlet specializing in FIELDBOSS’ niche – you guessed it – elevators, we enabled FIELDBOSS to showcase their expertise. 

How exactly did we help? 

  • Content consultation 
  • Promotion of webinar in Resco channels: 
    • Paid LinkedIn campaign
    • Email campaign 
    • Resco newsletter 
    • Resco social media accounts (company and personal)
  • Covered 80% of the payment to Elevator World for hosting and promotion 

And the result? 50 high-quality leads generated, and two customers closed in less than five months. 

“The co-marketing webinar we did with Resco helped us win over customers we were chasing for a long time. It also brought in multiple hot leads which we already closed.” Jonathan Taub, President at FIELDBOSS 

2. Email marketing

Is there a Resco-focused event you are organizing? Did you create an interesting piece of content?  

Based on its nature, goals, and the area you are active in, we can promote it among our clients and prospects. 

We can help with marketing and sales consultation to make the campaign as successful as possible, and prepare an email list, email template, process distribution, and evaluate results. 

3. Attending and organizing events together

This is something we weren’t able to do much in the past two years (for obvious reasons).  

Hopefully, this year and in the future, we’ll be attending industry and technology conferences with our active partners to deliver more value together. Let’s put together resources, people, and know-how to deliver outstanding presentations and get the right customer leads. 

We’ll also be looking to organize a local event or workshop with partners. We’re ready to help you organize, market, co-finance, and facilitate an event focused on servitization, mobility, innovation, and Resco solutions. You can count on us sending Resco sales professionals and product specialists to take on the role of speakers or workshop facilitators and offer overall help throughout the event. 

Recently, we shared a booth with our partner Timcod at the Mobility for Business trade show in Paris. The aim was to present Resco Field Service Cloud to the French market and generate new customer leads.  

4. Co-branded assets for lead generation

Co-branded assets, such as e-books and infographics, enable solution providers to demonstrate thought leadership, raise brand awareness and generate qualified leads by harnessing the combined power of the Resco and partner’s brand. 

The main difference between a regular Resco marketing asset and a co-branded one is that a co-branded asset is written and visually designed so that it aligns with the partner’s competitive points of differentiation, USPs, and go-to-market messages. 

Here, we work together to define the target audience, content focus, and goals and then work on creating and promoting our mutual co-branded asset. A great example of this is an e-book we created with our strategic partner Avanade, which focused on Resco Inspections on RealWear. Resco contributed with the content from a product standpoint and visual design, and Avanade – with their vast experience – enhanced it with how the product can be utilized in specific use cases and industries. 

5. Video customer case study

Do you make your customers happy? In that case, we should tell the world about it with a video success story. 

Just like with the written customer case study, we will handle everything from scriptwriting, editing, and promotion, and cover video production costs up to 10,000 EUR.

Here is an example of one video case study we did with our partner Spence Software and their customer Stoney Valley

6. Partner success story

Success stories are a great way for our partners to showcase their successes, Resco journey, and expertise. 

Not only does it help the partner build credibility and authority in the eyes of the customer, but it also helps our partner network to get inspired and learn from our successful partners.  

The latest partner success story was done with a long-term Resco partner FIELDBOSS   the winner of the 2020 Resco Breakthrough Partner of the Year and 2021 Business Impact of the Year awards:


And we’re working on two more with our remaining Resco Partner Awards 2021 winnersKey2Act and RedkiteCRM. Stay tuned! 

resco marketing support for partners explanation


We offer all signed partners the following five packages completely for free: 

7. Written customer case study

Case studies are usually viewed as the king of B2B content. A case study will demonstrate why the client chose Resco, why they chose you, and how you helped them reach their goals.  

The best practice for writing case studies is to follow some version of the Problem – Action – Result formula. That’s the formula we apply at Resco. We demonstrate what the client was struggling with before working with you, how you fixed or improved it, and its impact. 

A great case study allows the reader to really understand how your solution works for another organization, and it also gives social proof that you are a good partner to work with. Our case studies include quotes from you and the customer and contain visuals to illustrate the story and the benefits. 

So how does this all work? 

All you need to do is connect us with a happy Resco customer of yours. We’ll handle everything from writing, editing, and promoting the content in our global newsletter and social media, which means up to 14,000 people can see your work. 

Currently, we have 47 published case studies, and about half of them were done with our Partners. Stony Valley, Civtec, Drager, and Krones are the latest ones involving a Resco partner. Check them out to learn more about what makes a project successful and get a better feel of how you’ll be presented. 

8. Guest blog post

Why should you write articles on Resco’s blog? It’s a great way to showcase your technology, business, and industry expertise. Depending on the topic and form of collaboration, you can write a single post or a series of articles. 

The only cost you bear is your time to prepare a draft. We will handle everything from editing, proofreading, and promoting your content in our global newsletter and our social media accounts, which means your work can be seen by more than 5,000 people. Sharing specialist content in our blog makes you more visible online, brings you more possible clients, and expands your audience.  

So, what can you write about?  

We care about the quality and informative value of the content we publish. Anything you’re an expert on regarding Resco, digital transformation, and enterprise mobility.  

For example, Ope Okupe from Necessidad Consulting wrote about using Resco in the nonprofit sector. 

Resco MVP Torsten Harden – a solution architect from Sycor – wrote a LinkedIn article about Microsoft D365 CE vs Resco (in German), which was well received by the Resco community. 

And another Resco MVP, Jens Grambau – Senior Consultant and Owner at JeHaRo – recently wrote a comprehensive piece about his experience with PowerApps and Resco, based on his 7+ years of experience. 

It’s worth noting that individuals that share their Resco and industry knowledge (whether on Resco blog or elsewhere), set themselves up to be good candidates for the Resco MVP award. 

9. Website listing

Customers come to our Find a Partner webpage to see which partners can help them with implementation or consultation work.  

They usually search by region, country, and technology specialization. Listing you here among our active partners is a simple way to put you on the map and allow customers to reach out to you if they see you as a good fit. 

10. Resco Partner Marketplace

Online marketplaces are becoming ever more popular. Business leaders are using them to find products that can accelerate the digital transformation of their organizations. 

Resco Partners that have a custom solution built on Resco – whether it be for a certain industry vertical or use case – can list it in the Resco Partner Marketplace. Its goal is to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Resco customers with the best enterprise mobility solutions that our partner ecosystem offers.  

Currently, it hosts 26 solutions created by some of our top partners. 

Having a custom solution helps you stand out from the crowd and gives you another channel where you can market your brand and offering. Practically all our most successful partners have a custom solution built on the Resco platform, and have it listed in our Marketplace. 

11. Press release

A press release can help raise awareness of your brand in the Resco community. It is a short, compelling news story that is targeted toward the Resco community and media.  

The purpose of press releases is to promote significant corporate news – such as the start of our partnership, just like we did with Hitachi, Avanade, and Alectris. 

But press releases are not reserved only for this type of news. For example, with our current Partner of the Year Key2Act, we published a PR to bring awareness to a strategic upgrade to our partnership – the incorporation of Resco Inspections to all of Key2Act’s 200 clients. 

resco marketing assets for partners - explanation

Our marketing assets are items that partners use to promote our solutions and educate customers and potential customers alike. Do you know how many of them you have at your disposal? Over a hundred! 

Battlecards, blogs, case studies, eBooks, white papers, presentations, promotional videos, webinars… Access all our existing marketing assets in the Resco Partner Hub. They are being updated regularly, and we are working on creating new ones. 

Feel free to derive inspiration from them to create your own – if, for example, you’d like to have some of them in another language, or different visual branding. We will provide you with source files for graphic work. And as usual, if you have suggestions on what new assets we should create, let us know at partners@resco.net  

Have a question or a co-marketing idea? Reach out

Let’s summarize it all for the end. Here’s what we offer: 

  • Co-marketing and Standard marketing support: 
  1. Webinar with paid promotion 
  2. Email marketing 
  3. Attending and organizing events together
  4. Video case study 
  5. Partner success story 
  6. Co-branded assets for lead generation 
  7. Written customer case study
  8. Guest blog post 
  9. Resco Marketplace listing 
  10. Press release 
  11. Website listing 
  • Marketing assets: 

100+ available in our Partner Hub 

And if there’s anything you think is missing in our marketing program, let us know. And if you’d like to take advantage of something mentioned above, please reach out to your account manager or write to us at partners@resco.net. We’re looking forward to many co-marketing projects with our partners this year!