10 most read Resco blogs of 2020

Guides focusing on new functionality, answers to frequently asked questions, or long-form content dedicated to important trends in our industry. All this content creates an important part of our blog, where we publish our knowledge to help our partners and customers in their enterprise mobility endeavors.

Over the last year, we published 100+ such articles, covering our products and the wider enterprise mobility market. Let’s take a look at the top 10 blogs that got the most attention in 2020 and still provide essential information and insights.

1. The Preventive Equipment Maintenance checklist [Free and ready-to-use template]

resco inspection with equipment maintenance checklist showed on a phone

We made a number of free checklists available to Resco Inspections users last year. And the equipment maintenance template is one of them. The companies can use the checklist to deploy preventive or predictive maintenance strategy, which helps to prevent:

  • Unexpected machine downtimes
  • Prolonged repairs
  • Interrupted production runs
  • Elevated expenses for spare parts

Read the blog to learn more about preventive maintenance and how to start utilizing the equipment maintenance checklist.

2. Smartwatches in the enterprise: Everything you need to know about this evolving market

Modern smart watch on male hand. Device display with different functions and apps icons flat style concept vector illustration. Electronic intelligence wristwatch. Enterprise smartwatches

Months before the NIVY Watch’s launch, we reviewed the smartwatch market in one of our first blogs of 2020. We touched on the trends, challenges, and reasons smartwatches have become an important part of enterprise digitalization. And those are still relevant today. Read the analysis of the smartwatch’s position in business, and don’t forget to check how we aim to solve these challenges with NIVY Watch.

3. Microsoft Field Service Mobile or Resco: What is the difference?

One of the more popular questions has always been the difference between Microsoft’s Field Service Mobile and the Resco mobile app. After all, even the Microsoft-branded app is built on Resco technology. So, what’s the difference indeed? Our COO, Ivan Stano, provided the answer. Take a look at his comparison of MS Field Service Mobile and Resco.

4. A Serious Approach to Serious Field Processes

Field service was an important topic of 2020. Microsoft revealed their intention to create their own field service solution and set an end date for the partnership with Resco. What does this mean for Dynamics 365 Field Service customers? And what options will Resco provide? Once again, Ivan Stano was your guide through this topic. Read more details about Resco’s Field Service 2.0 technology.

5. Dynamics 365 for phones, Power Apps, and Resco: What are the differences and when to use each of them?

logo og Resco. PowerApps, and Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets app besides each other

It’s not just field service solutions that customers and partners might find hard to distinguish. With increasing complexity and new options added, sometimes it may be confusing for companies to know when and how to use each platform effectively.

In one of our articles, we’ve taken a closer look at the stock Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app and Power Apps, and compared them with Resco for Dynamics 365. Including examples of their use cases, features, and our reasoning why they complement each other rather than compete. Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app, Power Apps, and Resco for Dynamics here.

6. Smart & safe – with COVID-19 Health Check template

No matter the industry, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone. And we also wanted to help fight the virus. That’s why, utilizing Resco Inspections, we have created the Covid-19 Passport template. It can help any organization to protect the health of their staff and clients by limiting the transmission of COVID-19. Read more about the template here and check out see how it works.

7. Lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedure: 10 straightforward steps to begin with

lock and tag placed during a lockout tagout steps

Properly implemented lockout/tagout programs can prevent many injuries, illnesses, and even deaths occurring at workplaces. That’s why we created a checklist template for companies wanting to implement this procedure into their operation. We looked at OSHA and CDC’s official materials to bring a detailed overview to everyone interested in the topic. Learn more about the lockout/tagout program and our free checklist.

8. Explore the redesigned user interface of Field Service 2.0 app project

Nowadays, user interface can easily make or break a deal and decide whether people keep using an app. That’s why we’ve treated our default Field Service 2.0 app project to a makeover. And an extreme one at that.

Because we can talk about all the possibilities of customizing your Resco Field Service 2.0 project. But how about having a design that you’ll love straight out of the box? Sounds good? Then without further ado, check out some of the highlights from our freshly redesigned Field Service 2.0 app.

9. What is 6S in manufacturing? The meaning, benefits, and recommendations

a technician in a factory implementing 6s lean management

The 6S lean management originates from a methodology created by Toyota Production System between 1948 and 1975. This procedure enabled the Japanese company to produce higher quality products faster, with less waste and inventory than their competitors. While the fundamentals of 6S management were created decades ago, the benefits of the methodology persist even today. Learn more about the core principles of the 6S in manufacturing.

10. Create more compact layouts with the new Form Table Designer [Guide]

two screen of resco mobile app on a tablets with different form table designer

Resco’s Spring Update 2020 arrived with a ton of new functionalities, and one of the added features was an improved workflow for designing the layout of your forms. The updated Form Table Designer in Woodford helps to create more compact views and see all essential information quickly in the app. Check out how you can use all its advantages to optimize the UI of your app.

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