10 most read Resco blogs of 2019

With 93,000+ visits over the past twelve months, more and more of you are finding their way to industry news and trends, product previews, tips, tricks and tutorials, detailed event reports and other fresh content. And now, you can check the 10 articles that you read the most in 2019:

1. What’s new in Resco’s Spring Update 2019: Complete overview of features & capabilities

The complete overview of features and capabilities from Resco’s 2019 Spring Update takes the crown in 2019. The release empowered partners to create an even more tailored enterprise mobility offering.
With the additions from our first release of the year you can further realize their requirements and create fully customized mobile solutions for unique industry verticals, product lines, and even specific business processes. Customization possibilities, application lifecycle management, mobile user experience areas have been significantly expanded with brand new capabilities. Read more here.

2. Resco Inspections for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Start building your first questionnaire

Whether you deal with sales or field service, inspections and data collection come into play in lots of different scenarios.
From staff reviewing store inventory, construction safety supervisors, sales reps gathering customer feedback to agents documenting insurance claims or technicians going through checks of complex machinery. And if your organization already utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM you might have considered using it to handle your inspection process. Read more here.

3. Summer Update 2019 preview: Creating fully branded apps in Woodford

There’s a reason why sports teams have their logos on all their gear – from caps to socks and everything in between. Apart from selling even more merchandise, it invokes the image and values that both players and fans should buy into.
For businesses it’s pretty much the same. Branding is important because it not only leaves a memorable impression and lets people know what to expect from your company. Crucially, it helps to identify your business and distinguish it from the competition.
And that’s why since our Summer Update 2019, creating custom-branded mobile apps is a matter of just a few simple clicks. Read more here.

4. How to dynamically filter Questionnaire templates on Appointments form based on Appointment Type

When collecting information in the field, typically you expect a certain type of questionnaire to be available in certain situations and not in others. To enable this in Resco Inspections, we have introduced an option to associate a questionnaire template.
The general idea is that – when integrating Resco Inspections with Microsoft Dynamics 365 – you can use many-to-many relationships to associate a questionnaire with an entity. The many-to-many relationship connects the questionnaire template to the actual record, so this defines which template belongs to which record. Read more here.

5. Introducing Sync Dashboard: Monitor synchronization details of your users & devices

One of the most significant improvements from the past months has been the Sync Dashboard which helps admins to monitor how their mobile app and its users behave in terms of synchronization.
We wanted to provide a tool that allows to be more proactive and find out what’s really happening with users even before they contact you and report a problem. That is why we introduced Sync Dashboard consisting of charts and lists that give you information about how synchronization of your mobile solution performs. Read more here.

6. Our mission to Cameroon with the UN Refugee Agency – 5 key takeaways

Resco’s visit to Cameroon was the culmination of many months of our close partnership with UNHCR, who have incorporated the Resco platform into a broader suite of UNHCR applications managing the identity data of persons of concern, namely refugees.
Our CEO, Miro Pomsar, and Field Service & Partner Strategy Manager Andrew Lorraine had the chance to experience something totally new, both in terms of their daily work and their own knowledge of the world, while also gathering critical feedback and helping with UNHCR’s first deployment of Resco solutions in Cameroon. Read more here.

7. Why should you test the beta versions of Resco’s major updates?

We’ve all been there: You install a new update of your favorite app and after launch you realize that some things have changed. Maybe they’ve just refreshed the button colors. But they also could have moved the button somewhere else or modified how it works altogether.
That’s why public beta testing exists – users can try a solution before its official release and provide feedback in case something  isn’t working as it’s supposed to or expected. Read more here.

8. On a mission to Cameroon with the UN Refugee Agency – Live Update

With more than one year of collaboration and 15+ countries already under our belt, Resco is teaming up with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in a brand-new way – by undertaking a joint mission to Cameroon just a few short days from now.
The goal? To assist and observe an actual roll-out of PRIMES, UNHCR’s cutting-edge Population Registration and Identity Management EcoSystem, where the Resco Cloud platform plays a critical role. Read more here.

9. What’s new in Resco’s Summer Update 2019: Overview of features & capabilities

New branding possibilities, mobile project collaboration and delivery options, and the new-look admin console are just a few highlights from this release.
Crucially, the Summer Update has brought also numerous Inspections-specific enhancements. Among them, a brand-new analytics component and an Inspections Configurator built directly into Woodford, so partners and customers can effortlessly implement Inspections into their existing mobile projects. Read more here.

10. Offline HTML & JavaScript Bridge: Extended flexibility for any organization

For any piece of technology – but especially for software products – flexibility is a backbone feature. The requirements of a business dictate which technology can be used, what is a good fit and where are the limits. Inability to deliver or to satisfy a critical need might mean an extended search for the right option, costing time, resources and money.
We sat down with Resco’s Head of Product and long-time technical expert, Juraj Mojik, who explained how companies can tailor Resco’s mobile app with offline HTML and JavaScript Bridge. Creating one-of-a-kind user interfaces or implement unique business logic. Read more here.
That was a quick overview of 2019 on our blog. In case you have any recommendations on what types blogposts or topics you’d like to see covered in 2020, make sure to let us know at news@resco.net.

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