Best of the best — 10 most read blogs in 2015

2015 was a busy year for Resco.  Busy, but groundbreaking.
We acquired our 1000th customer, introduced more than 100 appetizing new features to Resco Mobile CRM and organized our very own conferences. 2015 was a year of highlights that our CEO rounded up for you in one article.
2015 was also very rich & colorful in a variety of articles we brought to you.
107 blog posts were born in 2015. That is twice as much as in a year before that. The number of visitors seeking for the first-hand information climbed up to 22 thousand.
107 – that’s a lot of articles and we forgive you if you missed some, but TOP 10?
We decided to kick off the New Year counting down the 10 most popular Resco’s blog posts of 2015.

10. – the Mobile CRM conference in pictures

This is a compilation of the best memories of the first mobile CRM conference powered by Resco. We captured the amazing moments from the gathering with our partners and customers on camera. was a huge success, see it yourself!

9. Resco’s perspective on ‘Microsoft to acquire FieldOne’

In August 2015, FieldOne became a part of Microsoft. Big news for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community, including us and our allies.  As many of you know, the mobile solution within the FieldOne Sky product is based on Resco Mobile CRM.
What did this mean for Resco? Our COO Ivan highlighted the reasons, why the acquisition could have only had a positive effect on Resco.

8. We love grammar! (but grammar doesn’t always love us back)

OK, so we are not native English speakers. And every once in a while, we come up with some masterpieces that are far from being planned.
For instance, did you know that “In case you delete a product, it is possible to delete a product using the Mobile CRM?”

7. Send tracked emails from Resco’s mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Imagine you are sending an email to a contact and the email is tracked to this particular contact. Imagine that pretty much every time you send or receive an email in the app, it is automatically linked to the record you have used.
Oh, wait a second. No more imagination needed. Check out this blog post from February to learn more about this business-saving feature.

6. Top 10 observations from CRM software users

What are the benefits and challenges with CRM system? What does a good mobile CRM system have to have? What about the future? How are the businesses planning to invest in CRM technology?
The results of a Major CRM Buyer Trends for 2015 conducted by Software Advice reveal the answer.

5. Show info from parent on a child form: e.g. see the relationship type of the Account whenever you open up a Contact

In this article, we explain how e.g. your sales people can see the type of relationship of an Account or a Contact form. You can basically see if the person they are talking to is already a customer or still a prospect.

4. Take a look into the future: What’s Resco Mobile CRM long-term vision?

Wouldn’t it just be cool to know what the future holds? Our product is still evolving and we will continue to bring innovations in  2016 and later on as well. Resco’s future is: fulfilling our vision. Curious what it is? Take a peek at Resco’s visionaries once again.

3. How to run a SSRS report via the Resco Mobile CRM app

Are you familiar with reporting functionalities of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM that you can run via Resco Mobile CRM app? Do you know how does ‘run report’ feature work and how to enable it for mobile users? Extend your technical knowledge while reading this blog post.

2. Microsoft’s mobile client for Dynamics CRM 2015 vs. Resco Mobile CRM (Update)

There are several universal attributes that can be compared in these two mobile clients. Go through the differences between the user experience, features or the non-technical aspects. You simply need this information in order to get an idea of how unalike would your Microsoft Dynamics CRM look in the Resco Mobile CRM and Dynamics CRM mobile client.

1. What software and hardware requirements do you need to consider before buying mobile devices for Resco Mobile CRM?

And the winner is…No wonder, this article got noticed. If you are about to start using Resco Mobile CRM, it is worth knowing which devices will work the best. Get an overview on what hardware and software requirements to bear in mind.

We are thankful for every reader and follower.  And as it is the time for the New Year’s resolutions, here is one from Resco’s team: We will keep on bringing better and better content for you each time!
Do you have any suggestions on what would you like us to write about in 2016? Ping us at

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