Reflecting on 2017 – 10 most popular blogs by RESCO

At Resco, we write. We write articles, because we love knowledge sharing. To be precise, last year, we shared 72 posts that received more than 100k views!
Check out the content that garnered the most attention in 2017:

1. Anatomy of a Mobile Report: How to set it up in Resco Mobile CRM?

Data queries, design styles and information about where and how to display certain parts of data. There is so much you can do with Resco’s mobile reports. How to get the best out of them and how to deliver tailor-made reports for users on-the-go. Find your answers in the blog that received the highest number of views in 2017!

2. How to create a copy of your production CRM database for testing Resco Mobile CRM?

Did you know? As a Resco customer, you can have more than one database in your CRM environment! So, what do you do if you need another database? What about  if you want to test changes and customizations in an environment mirroring your production database, but without affecting the live system?

3. Say goodbye to empty fields and incorrect data: How to make fields required in Resco Mobile CRM?

Using Resco Mobile CRM, there are a few simple ways of making a field (or fields) required in the app. And guess what? It’s just a matter of setting up a few form rules via the apps’ Woodford configurator. Because, as one of our customers said: “In the end, CRM is only as good as the data you put into it.”

4. Entering a new era: 4 new products unveiled at 2017

Resco Inspections, Route Planner, Mobile business application development tool, and City Smart Services. New year, new products, a new era. Simple as that. Our CEO sums up what there is to know about the brand new products after the revealing announcement at the conference.

5. How to utilize Dynamics 365/CRM Online multi-factor authentication in Resco Mobile CRM

What’s the best way to protect sensitive CRM data when accessing and working with the mobile CRM app? Multi-factor authentication is what you are looking for. It makes for a quick and effective way to protect sensitive data by requiring, not just a user-name and password, but something extra to verify user’s identity. How to get started with multi-factor authentication?

6. Resco behind the scenes – Office insights

Welcome to Resco’s colorful world! Ever wondered, where do all our emails come from? We invite you to get a peek at Resco from behind the office doors. Check out the pictures captured by none other than one of our team members!

7. Introducing Resco Consumer Apps for Municipalities

What would you say to an app for city’s employees that is compatible with all major CRM systems or lets citizens report an issue they run into in their city anywhere, anytime and even offline? Yet, such an app exists. Find out more about Resco’s app for Municipalities that later turned into the high-on-demand product called City Smart Services.

8. Documents in Resco Mobile CRM (SharePoint, DropBox, Google Drive & OneDrive) – a technical deep dive – Part 1

One of the most read blogs in 2016 was an article that provides an overview of how to utilize documents in the Resco Mobile CRM app. This year, we decided to give you an advanced tech dive into this popular topic. So, how does the app work with documents from a technical point of view?

9. Packaged vs. Custom: Can you develop an offline sales and field service app from scratch in 6 months?

To build or to buy? That’s the question countless companies face when shopping for software to further enhance their operations. And mobile solutions for sales and field service are no exception. What if someone told you they can develop a mobile app for sales and field service with full offline functionality in 6 months?

10. 15 must-have productivity tools when using Salesforce in the field

When mobilizing Salesforce, there are two ways two consider. One is to put together a plethora of 3rd party apps, the other is to bring all your Salesforce data in the all-under-one-roof app. Ready, set, go & enjoy working with your data seamlessly while on-road.

And that’s a wrap!

Year 2017 was literally a year of blogs. Our articles reached the highest number of viewers in its history and we are grateful to everyone who stopped by.  And as for now, we can promise to all the readers to keep sharing an awesome content and bring you more insights with each year.
Do you have any suggestions on what kind of posts to run? Would you like to see a wider variety of tech articles or are you more of a fan of industry updates? Let us know at!
Now, let’s start 2018 big!