Entity form, its lifecycle, events and best practices for form rules (with practical examples)

Entity form & Edit form editor Form is a screen in the application that contains numerous fields which either hold or await the data. It is a tool that enables system administrators to represent the database data and collect user data in a user-friendly way. Each form should be easily understandable, which can be achieved

Use regular expressions in form rules to validate field input in Resco Mobile CRM

Make sure your team won’t enter incorrect data into Resco Mobile CRM’s fields. In the Woodford configurator you can set up a form rule that checks the data format and notifies the user if the data doesn’t meet the required conditions. For example, on the Contact entity we want to prevent users from entering a

Utilizing form rules to load information from any entity on forms: E.g. save changes only when specific data is associated

In this example we’ll take a look at a situation when you don’t want the Resco Mobile CRM app to save changes the user makes to a record, unless there is other particular data associated with it. When can this be useful?

Mobile Workflows a.k.a. Form Rules: simply explained

Workflows in MS Dynamics CRM were designed to automate business processes, or in other words to perform actions according to a set of predefined rules. With workflows you can model operations that run real-time or are triggered manually by a user.

Set up Form Rules in Mobile CRM

As part of the new Collaboration Update, we are adding a rocket engine to the configurator called Woodford. The new version (to be released on October 2nd) features Form Rules Editor allowing the administrators to easily define rules, under which mobile forms can be dynamically modified, or validated depending on field values or user input.

Writing JS for JS Bridge – Best practices 

JS Bridge offers the most powerful way of extending Mobile CRM. We’ll show you the ins and outs of the interfaces, what they allow, how they stack compared to Rules, and other options. We’ll go in depth on technical aspects like pitfalls of concurrency, callbacks, and promises. At the end we’ll peek into the future

Struggling with unwanted document actions in your app? Learn how to disable the CLEAR action | Tech Tips archive

Here you can find the most recent Tech Tips from our newsletter. Tech tip #33: Disabling the CLEAR action in note attachments When managing document actions within your application, it may sometimes be necessary to disable certain functionalities like the CLEAR action. If you’ve tried disabling the delete rights in the configuration but the CLEAR

Build end-to-end mobile business solutions faster with Power Platform and Resco [short summary from a masterclass webinar]

Learn hands-on how to build mobile apps for field workers using Resco and Power Platform. We will guide you through installing, customizing, deploying, and improving the solution and measuring the impact in a series of three 1-hour on-demand webinars with live Q&A sessions.  In this workshop centered around a common business case, our Success team

Power Platform Masterclass Vol. 2, Day 2: Inspections solution low-code customization 

Dive deep into the process of customizing the Resco Inspections Solution through the lens of the Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning business case, see the mobile app in action, and discover how the solution achieves the business requirements.  Read more about the webinar series in our blog: Build end-to-end mobile business solutions: Join the Power Platform Masterclass

Explore the latest innovations from the Winter 2024 update, including AI-driven enhancements and UI improvements

The Resco Winter Update is here, and it’s packed with a ton of new features. We’ve rolled out another bunch of improvements to help you create and use mobile business apps with ease. Whether you’re an integration partner, consultant, system admin, manager, or mobile worker, the Winter Update has something in store for you. Discover
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