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About the company Alectris takes care of renewable energy assets. With roots in solar plant construction, it has grown into a global service and software provider. It operates in mature solar markets in Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Alectris uses ACTIS ERP, its own proprietary renewable asset management and monitoring platform

Generating work instructions with the power of ChatGPT in resco.Guides

In today’s technologically driven world there is a constant search for innovative solutions to simplify the creation of work instructions – those crucial manuals that provide step-by-step instructions for field workers. The AI team at resco.Labs has taken up this challenge head-on. Read how we are working on implementing AI to resco.Guides, enabling users to

Using digital guides makes internal communication and sales more straightforward

When you want all your employees to be on the same page, you need a communication channel that is easy to reach and understand. Read how Resco uses its own product, resco.Guides, to communicate the company’s benefits and sales processes to its staff, harvest feedback, and implement improvements. At Resco, we have recently launched resco.Guides,

Summer Update 2022: Enhanced JSON, Guides on Dynamics, and Logic Apps integration are here

Resco is bringing several exciting new features in the Summer Update 2022. And whether you are a customer or partner, there is something for everyone. Check out the release highlights enabling you to: Save space with storage-efficient Inspections Provide better UX with an improved grid editor Filter resources in Schedule Board with new criteria Access

Summer Update Preview: Evolved Inspections, Guides on Dynamics, Logic Apps integration and more coming your way

Summer season slowly begins, and to celebrate that, we have some seriously exciting new updates for you! Let’s look at what’s in the store for the Summer Update that will arrive at the end of June. Here are some of the highlights you can get ready for: Streamlined Inspections In the upcoming release, we will

Spring Update 2022: Smarter Inspections, interactive plans, Guides support, and much more

Resco is bringing several exciting new features in the Spring Update. Whether you´re a user, customer or partner, there is something for everyone. Check out what´s new in each initiative! Resco for Dynamics 365 CE resco.ServicePlatform resco.FieldService resco.Guides Resco for Dynamics 365 CE Resco Inspections is getting a few useful innovations in the Spring update. More control

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