Resco Services is a team of developers, consultants and support professionals who can help Resco’s partners and their customers get the most out of Resco Mobile CRM.

We have a great insight and extensive knowledge of Resco’s products. Our people hold certifications in Mobile Application Development and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so you will surely be in good hands.

With Resco Services, you gain a partner that addresses your specific requirements, helps you with tailoring the solution, speeds up the implementation and ensures the best possible user experience.

You can currently purchase these modifiable packages:

Decision Accelerator for Resco Mobile CRM

Support smart investment decisions. Assess the functionality, performance, scalability, and cost of Resco Mobile CRM & see to what extend it matches the business objectives.


  • Project scope definition survey
  • Requirements gathering workshops
  • Definition of Requirements to match the matrix
  • Validation of requirements with the project management team
  • Closure meeting with project management team


  • Build the confidence in Resco Mobile CRM solution
  • Target the required functional areas
  • Reduce risk, time and costs
  • Help to answer “go/no-go” questions


  • Business Case
  • Solution Blueprint

Estimated duration: 1 week

Accelerated Proof of Concept (PoC)

Understand the benefits of Resco Mobile CRM by using pre-built scenarios with sample or organization's own data. The goal of PoC is to demonstrate the solution and to provide a 60-day “try before you buy” period.


  • PoC environment setup tailored for a selected range of requirements (usually based on Fit-Gap analysis)
  • PoC solution maintenance during the pilot period
  • Updates to Fit-Gap analysis based on a real-time situation from PoC run
  • PoC evaluation with project sponsor(s)


  • Agree on an “early buy-in” decision essential for project’s success
  • Get answers to deployment related questions
  • Accelerate the decision making process


  • Mobile CRM demo solution (w/ CRM online or Resco’s server)
  • PoC solution based on a selected range of requirements
  • Updated Fit-Gap analysis
  • Status report

Estimated duration: 2-4 weeks



Vladimir Pavlik


Phone: +1 (617) 902-8314