Mobile Application Development Platform

Build custom applications quickly and target any business needs

Develop business mobile apps with minimum to no code. Simply choose from a wide range of existing components configurable for a new use and create the perfect mix to support your business processes.


Easy Cross-Platform Development

You don’t need to have specialists skilled in developing for each mobile platform. Resco Cloud adheres to platform agnostic development approach, which ensures your app will look and behave the same on all devices with no extra time investment.

Less code

Less code, more control

The less code you have, the easier it is to maintain it. Replace tedious programming with a low-code/no-code development platform with a drag-and-drop interface. Your team members will be able to construct mobile apps by themselves and if a simple edit is required, they can quickly do it without the assistance of IT. If the need for custom code arises anyway, our comprehensive JavaScript API is there to help.


A solution that scales with you

As your business grows, workflows change. Your mobile app has to reflect that and still be of use to you. Reusability of components for new purposes and easy editing enable you to handle complex business workflows with ease.

power of technology

Harness the power of technology

Use mobile devices to their full potential and to your benefit. Utilize native device capabilities such as camera, GPS, fingerprint scanner, glass signature and more – either via the standard mobile components or via the JavaScript API.

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