Would you believe that businessmen, doctors and the like are able to buy a Treo just because of a good news reader?


Key Features

  • Export of popular newspapers to the Palm Launcher
  • Premium services: Google News, Live Windows, Technorati, Flickr etc.
  • Automatic updates with notifications on incoming news
  • Sharing of the feeds (OPML)
  • Merging of several feeds into one newspaper
  • Rendering of Html and embedded images
  • Own streaming mp3 player


  • Installation


    That's the screen you see right after the installation. We created several sample newspapers for you so that you can do simple one-click testing. Of course, later on you'll make your own selections...

  • Launcher Links

    Launcher Links

    A unique Neeews! feature is the ability to export the newspaper to the Palm launcher. This gives you the highest possible comfort - one-click access to your favorite newspaper. Note that you can go even further and organize regular background updates. If you also request update notifications, the process will be even more simplified.

  • Newspaper Creation

    Newspaper Creation

    There is a number of options to create a newspaper. First of all you can select from a large set of pre-selected feeds. Or you can search the web for interesting feeds similarly as you Google for a phrase. Some of you will certainly know the feed addresses. Or you might at least know the web site - Neeews! will try to find the site feeds for you. The last option is very attractive, too - it relies on the services of popular sites such as Google News or Flickr.

  • Feed Categories

    Feed Categories

    You get here if you decided for the selection from existing feeds. Resco Neews! comes with 500+ carefully selected feeds. This is certainly positive, but it creates a new problem - orientation among the feeds. Therefore, the feed selection is a two-step process: First select the topics of interest (i.e. apply a feed filter), then the feeds. You can also select the media type: F.e. if you want to see just the classic media such as NY Times, BBC, CNN etc. and do not care about blogs etc., then select just "Newspapers". Both filters (topics and media types) are "add-ed" together.

  • Feed Selection

    Feed Selection

    Second step of the feed selection - actual selection from the pre-filtered feeds. What you see is the part of the default feed list. Feeds are organized into folders (called also categories). To get to the feed list under specific category tap on the small triangle in front of the category name.

  • Dynamic Feeds

    Dynamic Feeds

    These services may rely on an automat, user voting etc. They all act like a search engine, i.e. they accept a search string (keywords) and come back with a feed of articles matching the keywords. Google News is an automated news aggregator. Live Windows is a Microsoft news search engine. Newsvine offers user articles based on user voting. Reddit brings general articles submitted and voted by the users. Technorati is a blog search engine. is a popular bookmarking web service. Flickr is a popular photo sharing website.

  • Collapsed Headlines

    Collapsed Headlines

    A sample newspaper issue showing the contents of a Sports feed. You'll find it among the pre-installed newspapers. The sample shows collapsed headlines. To open the headline tap the blue link.

  • Expanded Headlines

    Expanded Headlines

    A sample newspaper issue showing the contents of the Bing Boing blog. You'll find it among the pre-installed newspapers, too. The sample shows expanded headlines and illustrates the treatment of images. Resco Neews! supports all common image formats - jpeg (incl. progressive), gif, png and bmp.

  • Actions on Newspapers

    Actions on Newspapers

    This is the list of actions you can perform on newspapers. You can create or delete newspapers or edit their contents, i.e. setup feeds and other parameters such as number or headlines or update parameters. All these actions take form of a wizard. You can manually update selected newspaper or setup its update options. Finally you can send the newspaper issue via BT, IR or e-mail or open the issue in the Blazer.

  • Actions on Articles

    Actions on Articles

    This is the list of actions you can perform on articles (headlines). First two options decide whether the newspaper will open with full articles or just brief headlines. Selected article can be sent via e-mail or opened in a browser. The latter option displays full article - incl. the hidden part that is not distributed as part of the feed. Selected articles can be marked as favorite. Resco Neeews! supports audio podcasts, i.e. extra sound information (often using mp3 format) attached to the headline. Podcasts can be launched either from menu or by tapping a special "play" icon in the headline.

  • Feed Management

    Feed Management

    Note that predefined feeds and their categories are fixed. Feeds that you will eventually add are collected under My Feeds category. It is up to you to define the folder structure under that category - can be a single folder or a complex folder tree. The screenshot illustrates the actions that can be perfomed on the feeds. OPML is just an agreed format for feed lists. Exporting OPML means writing the feeds from the selected category to a card file. Later on you can pass this file to another rss reader, i.e. your feeds will be visible in another reader. BlogLines users can import their BlogLines feeds.

  • Feed Search

    Feed Search

    Feed search works like Google: You specify a phrase and get a list of matching feeds. The next step is selection of feeds of your interest. Upon pressing OK selected feeds will be located in a newly created category, where you can further process them. For those who are interested in details - the search relies on engine.

  • Feed Icons

    Feed Icons

    List of newspaper icons you can use within Resco Neeews! However, that's not all. You can extend this list by importing icons from Zlauncher icon sets.


« Ze vseho nejvice jsem si oblibila podcasting. Treo sice neprijima radiovy signal, ale po stahnuti ruznych zajimavych audio RSS vysilani to vubec nevadi. Tato funkce mi rozsirila obzory... »

« Leveraging the ability for Palm OS devices to get online, along with the concept of RSS being a "newspaper," Neeews! looks to help users who want news to get it simply and with as little pain as possible. »


« Excellent HTML rendering makes looking at feeds comfortable, dynamic rendering makes the whole experience fast. I can't really find out anything negative about Neeews! - congratulations! »


« A Dutch review of the very first Beta release. »


Version: 2.41.1

Released: Apr 23, 2009

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