All-in-one Resco CRM Server

Cloud-based or on premise. Connected to the other servers or standalone. You choose how to get the best out of Resco and its server.

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Resco CRM server

Resco CRM provides you with a data storage with customizable data scheme; it can be cloud-based or on premise. Connect it to other CRM or non-CRM servers, or use it independently.

Clever configuration console

The admin tool allows you to manage your devices and users. The same console allows you to customize the web- and mobile clients in one go. You don’t even need to be a developer to change the app and the web client to fit your business needs. Define metadata, adjust schemes, assign user roles, and define workflows — all within one place.

Sleek & intuitive clients

Enjoy the convenient and fast access to your data via the browser or mobile phone of your choice. Utilize Resco web-based client that looks the same as its mobile counterparts. This advantage highly improves the learning curve of adopting an unfamiliar system.

Benefits of Resco CRM

Mobile-first solution

Get on top of your mobile strategy, but don't leave the desktop CRM out. Sometimes all you need is one CRM solution that is capable enough on its own. Get an all-in-one CRM software that helps you close more deals on the move or at the office.

Offline capability

Just because Internet connection stops working, doesn’t mean you must too. Work online with real-time data on your server, or offline with locally stored (and encrypted) database.

High user adoption

Resco Mobile CRM clients are designed to provide an intuitive and struggle-free user experience. What’s more, employees get to work with the same interface whether on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Which leads to lower expenses for user training and faster adoption of the system.

Support for custom entities

Resco CRM server lets you create custom entities and fields. Configure all changes in one console and utilize the new improvements in both, web and mobile client.

Business logic on the go

Workflows are available on both mobile and desktop client of Resco CRM. Business logic is an almighty tool that allows you to automate your business processes, in other words: it does the work for you.

Feature-rich software

Resco Mobile CRM comes with more than 100 different features and functions that will meet your business requirements. Extensive capabilities of mobile technology are reflected in features such as GPS navigation, barcode or QR code scanner, signatures, route planning and more.

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Connect Resco CRM to your current back-end system

Bridge the gap between your back-end system and mobile needs, spare yourself the extra working hours and spend time efficiently. Connect Resco CRM server to the system your staff works with, knows and trusts.

Integration with other back-end systems

Integrate with email

Writing and receiving emails is a very common business activity. Now, you can easily link your emails with the CRM environment. Whether you use Gmail or MS Exchange (Office365), you can blend your emails with the CRM server in a few simple steps. Benefit from the emailing functionality as you know it. Eliminate the frequent switching between the tools. Receive, send new, reply to, and forward emails just like in Gmail or Outlook.

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