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Every salesperson is a highly result-driven individual trying to exceed the goals while optimizing own performance. Mobile CRM increases the efficiency of sales people by drastically reducing administrative tasks and producing value at the time which would otherwise remain unused, such as traveling or waiting for appointments. So they have more time to spend doing what they’re good at: selling.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for a sales professional

Increased productivity

Mobile CRM will give you around-the-clock access to your CRM system, so you can be productive whenever and wherever you happen to be. And by cutting down all the administrative tasks, you can focus on what matters the most – the customer.

Quicker interactions with clients

No more “I am not sure, I’ll check with my colleagues and let you know” or “let me email it to you once I get back to the office”. Info on products in stock, orders to be signed, product documentation that explains the ins and outs… all is available to you right there and then—when it matters.

Streamlined lead management

The odds of contacting and qualifying a lead drastically decrease in time. That is why companies are advised to contact their leads as soon as possible, ideally within 30 minutes of the lead creation. With Mobile CRM, you can alert your sales reps of incoming leads, so they can get to them while they’re hot.

Painless data collection

Mobile CRM allows you to take notes right as you walk out of the meeting. In fact, you might be quick enough to do it as you wait for the elevator. You are less likely to forget something important, and you don’t need to type in meeting notes in a bulk at the end of the week when your memories might get fuzzy.

Increased customer retention

Mobile CRM is a tool that can help you improve customer retention with consistent follow up. You can see what customers are in your area, so you can pay them a quick visit. You can check the status of raised cases before a meeting to show you’re keeping an eye on the progress.

Enhanced sales presentations

Charm your customers with stunning product presentations you can swipe through and zoom into. Include animations and short videos and you got yourself a winner! All within the app, of course. Those impressive demos might just be the tipping point that gets you from “maybe” to “where do I sign?”

Shortened sales cycle

Instantly gathering orders from sales reps, the company can shorten the life cycles of orders and get the product to the customer faster than ever. And that’s not all. Creating orders via a Mobile CRM application also contributes to better accuracy (by eliminating manual data transcript into CRM, you are also eliminating human mistakes) and improved cash flow (a product that arrives sooner at the customer’s site can also be billed and paid for sooner).

Higher rates of user adoption

Employees who get mobile access to CRM are likely to adopt faster and use it more. That’s because Mobile CRM offers a simple, easy-to-use interface that’s responsive and quickly delivers desired outcomes. Sales people find it easier to use than standard desktop clients and because the application works well with their process, they find it valuable instead of cumbersome.

See how companies use Resco Mobile CRM for their sales reps

  • Heineken


    Brewing company boosts efficiency of their sales force in Africa.

  • Bridgestone


    The desired mobile solution had to satisfy one challenging requirement; that is the possibility to work offline. Even in Europe, where Internet connectivity is generally perceived as very good.

  • Grupo Catalana Occidente


    Catalana Occidente is one of Spain’s largest insurance groups, with over 4 million customers and more than 20,000 agents.

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