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Resco Mobile CRM for Field Service

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A service technician—man of the hour—is always ready to help out. Modern technology plays a vital role in his day-to-day operations. When something breaks, getting it fixed is the most important task.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for field technicians

Eliminates paperwork

There’s no need to carry tons of paper with you. A mobile application is an ideal solution for any field worker — it gets rid of papers once and for all. Information about the customer, case history, installation manuals, and product documentation… it’s all there, in the application. You can even get a completed service task signed off on the digital screen instead of an old-fashioned paper.

Optimizes the route

Resco Mobile CRM route planner allows you to plan your activities on a map to create an optimal route for the day. Reduce the travel time and ensure you get to each site on time. Use the navigation to get turn-by-turn directions to your scheduled appointments.

Simplifies work

Let the intuitive application guide you through your day – process-driven and tailored to your specific requirements. Resco Mobile CRM is touch-friendly (no small buttons anywhere), fast (the response time is off the charts) and intuitive (you just know what to do straight away).

Provides valuable insights

Resco Mobile CRM grants you access to company’s CRM data from any location, even without an Internet connection. You can look up the details of service activities, customers or the parts that need to be ordered.

Improves communication & collaboration

Management and the back office can easily share information with all field technicians by updating the CRM system. You’ll get real-time information from the database, so you’ll be always aware of any changes that affect your work.

Ensures higher accuracy

With a set of intelligent rules, you can automate tasks that take up your time or occupy your mind. For example, the delivery address can be already pre-filled when you create an order of spare parts. Or a record will not be saved unless it’s filled in correctly. Let the app take over the mundane tasks that can be automated with rules. These save you time & ensure the data is correct.

Offers real-time overview to management

With Mobile CRM, you can stay on top of things, even if you are not present in the flesh. You can assign activities to your employees, oversee the day-to-day processes and quickly react to all situations.

Improves customer retention

A happy customer is always the goal. That’s why it’s crucial to provide first-class service that impresses and pleases. Mobile CRM will allow you to perform each task equipped with knowledge from the CRM system. From faster response time to well-informed estimates of spare parts delivery, these are the things that elevate the level of service you deliver.

See how companies use Resco Mobile CRM for their sales reps

  • Blueknight


    Blueknight Energy Partners has implemented multiple builds into Resco Mobile CRM application. One for mechanics working on trucks, other for the trucking supervisors.

  • Bridgestone


    The desired mobile solution had to satisfy one challenging requirement; that is the possibility to work offline. Even in Europe, where Internet connectivity is generally perceived as very good.

  • Oslo Kommune


    Oslo Kommune tested several mobile applications, and chose Resco's solution because its user friendly GUI, app configurator's possibilities and reasonable pricing.

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