With Mobile CRM, you have the info you need with you at all times. Be prepared for every pitch, every call or unexpected meeting. It’ll have you wondering how you ever worked without it.

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Offline and secure, ready for corporate use

No Internet access? No big deal.

Just because Internet connection stops working, doesn’t mean you must too. Why depend on the Internet? Simply continue working in an offline mode as if nothing ever happened.

Your business data is carefully protected

Worried about the security of your data? We got you covered. Mobile Application Management will take control of what’s happening to your data at all times.

Give your CRM data a modern look

Give your CRM data a modern look

Get a perfect overview of your data

View all the information that matters to you gathered in a single place – dashboards and 360° record views are perfect for a quick glance at important data on the go.

Add custom entities and fields

Do you have a highly customized CRM server, with your own entities and fields? Great. You can have them in your mobile application as well. Simply add them to the app and give them a modern look your users will love.

Interactive Maps and Route Planner

Interactive Maps and Route Planner

Know how to get there

On your way to meeting a prospect? Or got some spare time and want to fill it with, let’s say, catching up with a customer closest to your location? With the help of an interactive map, you’ll always find your way.

Plan your route

Create your optimal daily route. Add scheduled activities on the map and get an estimated arrival time for each appointment. When your route plan is ready, let the navigation take over.

Emails, Appointments and Phone Calls

Emails, Appointments and Phone Calls

Keep track of email communication with the client

Send/reply/forward emails from your Mobile CRM client. As one would expect, they can also be tracked on the CRM server.

Schedule your appointments with an ease

Get an overview of what’s ahead of you. Our integrated calendar grants you the ability to create and move appointments with ease.

Log in your phone calls

Call a contact right then & there from the app. Save it afterward as a CRM activity and you won’t lose track. You can also use Skype or Facetime for video calls.

Documents, Media and Offline HTML

Documents, Media and Offline HTML

Work with documents on the go

Have product sheets, contracts or other documentation with you at all times. You can add PDFs, MS Office files, pictures, videos and HTML attachments to your records.

Take photos and record videos

Got a built-in camera? Put it to good use. Take a picture of a repair, product stand or anything else, really. Enrich your CRM records with photos, audio recordings, and videos.

Scan barcodes, QR codes or business cards

Scan barcodes or QR codes to simply add the products you were looking for into an order. Or capture and save a contact’s information based on a business card.

Enhance your app with HTML

Create stunning presentations, get the scoop on your prospects by quickly looking at their online presence, or replace the User Interface of the application. Iframes allow you to show any HTML content in the application. What’s more – it’s going to be available even offline.

All features at a glance

You can use as many smartphones or tablets as you wish to (or more likely - as many as you have). Want to make phone calls from a smartphone, but create orders on your tablet? Go ahead. We won’t stop ya.

You have a highly customized CRM server, with your own entities and fields. Great. You can have them in the mobile app as well. Simply add them to the app.

Got a built-in camera? Put it to good use. Take pictures of your product displays, or of that diagram your prospect has drawn during the last meeting. After all, why should you carry loads of papers with you?

Want to see if the investment into Mobile CRM for your employees paid off? If you want to, you can analyze how (and if) they use the app.

The local database of the device is safely protected by an Advanced Encryption Standard. What does that mean? Only that your data is safe and sound at all times.

Not only employees can use the Mobile CRM. But also your suppliers, partners, or even customers! If you want them to, of course. All of this is possible thanks to 3 types of authentication – CRM User, Registered User & Anonymous User.

Mobile CRM app gives you directions to an Account, Contact, Lead or other chosen location. You won’t get lost and more importantly, you’ll be on time. Who doesn’t like punctuality?

Dashboards give you a quick overview of the most crucial data in one place. You can display them in form of charts or lists, and easily decide what to focus on next.

Get a better overview of your time. The neat calendar will take care of that for you. Easily create appointments, or reschedule the existing ones it the plans change.

You can also import your private calendar from your mobile device into your CRM calendar so that your personal schedule doesn’t interfere with business and vice versa.

A native app gives you a familiar feel, yet the same functionality on all platforms. Doesn’t matter what device you use, you’ll still get the results you are expecting.

Examine your charts in depth. Don’t just look at the summary, go into details.

For example, when you are looking at all orders, go from yearly data to quarterly, quarterly to monthly, and then inspect the amounts by account.

Let Form Rules do the work for you. At least parts of it. They can dynamically modify or validate forms, depending on value or input. Basically, they save you time & ensure the data is correct.

For example - the delivery address can be already pre-filled when you are creating an order for an existing customer; or new fields can appear when you check the ‘yes’ option on one box

Have product sheets, contracts, or other documentation with you at all times. You can add PDFs, MS Office documents, pictures, videos and HTML attachments to your records.

Just repaired damaged equipment? Get the satisfied customer verify it with her signature right on the spot.

Carry them with you. Not literally. Stored in the app. So you can look up their details; like price, size, or installation instructions whenever you need.

Have to browse through loads of products when creating an order? Scan barcodes or QR codes to simply add the products you were looking for into an order.

Use Iframes to access customers’ websites, your intranet, or get scoop on your prospects by quickly looking at their internet presence.

Add scheduled activities on the map and get an estimated arrival time for each appointment.

Plan your activities on a map, which shows the route between selected each location as well as the travel time needed for the transfer. Simply select the start and end point — be it the office, home or other location — and add customer visits onto the schedule.

You can capture the time and GPS location whenever a mobile user synchronizes the application, creates, updates, deletes, or works with any entity.

Send/reply/forward emails (you know, the usual) from your Mobile CRM. As one would expect, they can also be tracked on the CRM server.

The CRM data is a one of the main assets of any company and all the devices that access it deserve appropriate protection. Resco Mobile CRM supports powerful device management tools — MobileIron, AirWatch and Symantec.

Log in your phone calls and you won’t lose track. You can use also Skype, Facetime or other phone replacing clients.

Create different views with custom filters, data sorting, and search options. Everything for your convenience.

Views can be also switched from a list to a map, or into a graph. And back.

Let’s say you want to set a primary contact for one of your Accounts. But you don’t want to search for it by going through all the contacts, just the ones that belong to that specific account. That’s what Filtered Lookups are for.

Yes, we support many-to-many relations. (e.g. the relationship between Orders and Products)

Not digging English? No problemo! Or shall we say: pas de problème, कोई समस्या नहीं, kein Problem, нет проблем, žiadny problém, ei hätää, no hay problema,…

Point being, Resco Mobile CRM speaks your language, whichever that may be. You can choose from 16 default ones, or add a new one in the configurator.

Share essential information about opportunities, accounts and other topics with your colleagues.

Add the Favorites section into your Mobile CRM for easy access to frequently used records.

Every time you pin a record you regularly work with, it will show up in here as a shortcut.

Documents stored on your SharePoint can be accessed through the mobile app in an offline mode.

You are also able to modify them as well as upload new ones.

The beautifully designed HTML5 charts support zoom in/out, scrolling and dynamically change based on selected records.

The multiple-series charts display more values at once so you can compare and analyze, for example, estimated and actual revenues.

Add pictures and photos into your Mobile CRM. This means you can see a product’s picture or display a contact’s photo in the app.

Change the graphical appearance of the app – set the color of the foreground and background, change images and icons, etc. The easy-to-use color designer lets you design the app with your brand colors or any other color theme you’ll choose.

Show all your records on a map. The geocoding functionality of our configuration tool translates the addresses into GPS positions that ensure records are properly displayed on the map.

Get notified by your mobile device of the upcoming activities and appointments. You can select which events or records should trigger a device alerts at a certain time. So you won’t forget!

Access, update and share Dropbox documents with colleagues directly from your mobile CRM app.

Forget the tedious manual typing of contact information from your phone’s address book to the CRM. Instead copy them with a single tap via the app. And, if the number or the e-mail address of a phone contact and an existing CRM contact match, you can merge the two, so there won’t be any duplicates.

Take customization one step further. Replace the user interface with an HTML page of your own design. Get your CRM app a completely unique look, which captures the essence of your business.

Why worry about coming up with an elaborate password? The best one is your fingerprint -- unique and practically impossible to copy. Use iPhone’s Touch ID to access your CRM even faster.

Don’t just save the environment with electronic business cards. Save your time as well, turning vCards and meCards into CRM leads, accounts or contacts instantly. Simply copy them from your e-mail or scan the QR code, eliminating tedious manual transcription.

Love using the Resco Mobile CRM on your phone or tablet? Extend the experience to your computer utilizing the desktop application. With laptops more mobile than ever and tablets powerful enough to run a full-fledged desktop operating system, you can work in a familiar environment across a vast array of devices.

Access your Exchange inbox within the mobile CRM client. Not only you can receive, view and send messages, but all of them can be automatically tracked in your CRM.

Resco Mobile CRM also lets you handle and track your e-mail communication when using Gmail. There’s no need to leave the app to see what was already said and done.

Different things are important to different people. If you don’t fancy your lists organized alphabetically, you can sort them by priority. Or any other way you need.

Leave security concerns behind once and for all. With mobile application management you can keep an eye on your data. Set up access rights, lock the application, or even remotely wipe the data in case you misplace your device.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Then what about audio or video? Enrich your CRM records attaching pictures, audio recordings and videos. Shot and recorded with your device, directly within the mobile CRM client.

Have too many things to put on a single dashboard? You can create more of them. Stay organized even if you need more than fits a single dashboard, calendar, signature tab, etc.

Don’t schedule a meeting when you’re supposed to be at your kid’s school play. Seeing all your appointments and events in a single calendar ensures your professional and personal life will not collide. Display your personal activities alongside your professional endeavors in the Resco Mobile CRM’s calendar. And vice versa.

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Group numerous individual entities into folders to arrange your mobile CRM solution the way it suits you.

Preserve your work even in case you forget to sync the app manually. You can set up automatic synchronization that will run in the background either when you start the app, make a change to the data, after a defined time period or before you switch to the offline mode. 

Sometimes nothing’s better than a good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation. With integrated Skype and FaceTime calls, you can sit down for a chat with prospects, customers or partners instantly. Even if you’re thousand miles apart.

Enhance your Resco Mobile CRM utilizing JavaScript. Use it to set up forms that dynamically react to user actions, for color themes and app images customizations of HTML files, or to save and load attachments in the online mode.

Doesn’t matter if your go-to device runs iOS, Android or Windows. Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet. We make sure you’re able to access your CRM across all mobile platforms and their updates.

Scan business cards with the CamCard application. Its text recognition will automatically pick up the contact’s information from the card and fill out the CRM data for you.

Note: Additional charges may apply

The days of having to exit the app to read a PDF documents are over. Open the files in-app without having to switch to a dedicated reader.

All of this (and much more), without breaking the bank

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