Mobile CRM
for Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics CRM on the palm of your hand. Whenever you need it. Resco Mobile CRM is going to be your irreplaceable companion throughout the day.

Resco Mobile CRM on iPad and iPhone

Start right away

1. Download the app from store:

2. Enter your CRM login credentials:

Enter your CRM login credentials

  1. Tap the “sync” symbol
  2. Type in the URL of your Dynamics CRM
  3. Type your User Name and Password

3. Sync it with your Dynamics CRM.

Sync it with your Dynamics CRM

Customize to your needs

Make it your own

Don’t settle. You want to personalize the app and bring in the features you want? We are giving you countless customization possibilities. You’ll be surprised how personal your Mobile CRM can become. It will give you the chills.

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Why go for Resco Mobile CRM

Truly offline

Just because Internet connection stops working, doesn’t mean you must too. Why depend on internet? Simply continue working in an offline mode as if nothing ever happened.

Offline mode

Interactive maps

On your way to meeting a prospect? Or got some spare time and want to fill it with, let’s say, catching up with a customer closest to your location? With the help of an interactive map, you’ll always find your way.


Mobile dashboards

A mobile dashboard, just like a dashboard in Dynamics CRM, acts as some sort of a homepage for your CRM – it’s the first thing that pops up when you open the app and its goal is to show you things that matter to you packed neatly into one place.



Get a better overview of your time. The neat calendar will take care of that for you. Easily create appointments, or reschedule the existing ones if the plans change.


Enterprise security

Worried about the security of your data? We got you covered. Mobile Device Management will take control of what’s happening to your data at all times.


Mobile usage auditing

Want to see if the investment into Mobile CRM for your employees paid off? If you want to, you can analyze how (and if) they use the app. You can capture the time and GPS location whenever a mobile user synchronizes the application, creates, updates, deletes, or works with any entity.


Photo, signature and barcode capturing

Got a built-in camera? Put it to good use. Take pictures of your product displays, or of that diagram your prospect has drawn during the last meeting. After all, why should you carry loads of papers with you?


Add a personal touch

Create stunning presentations, design your own forms, add your icons or buttons, or access an offline website. Offline HTML5 iFrame is a feature that enables you to store a zip file of a website in the app. This website is able to communicate with the CRM database of the app thanks to JavaScript Bridge.

Offline HTML

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