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Stay close to your data at any time — connect Resco Mobile CRM to your existing CRM or non-CRM system, including SAP, Salesforce or others

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Scheme: Create a connector to any 3rd party system

Enhance productivity on-the-go

Have a perfect overview and control over your out-of-office activities with Resco Mobile CRM. A sales rep or service technician who gets the access to the full-featured mobile CRM is guaranteed an increase in work efficiency.

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Configure from A to Z

Make the solution your own – add new features, customize entities or change the whole user interface. The options to configure Resco Mobile CRM are almost endless.

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Tested & proven

One of the world’s leading crop science companies uses Resco Mobile CRM with their back-end system. Read their case study and see how easy it is to go mobile.

Read the success story of Bayer CropScience

What will you get?

Your personal assistant

A very own personal assistant

Resco Mobile CRM delivers functionality designed for businesses of all sizes and needs. More importantly, it doesn’t matter which back-end system you use. You can connect Resco Mobile CRM to any system and mobilize your employees. You are able to make the app your own and bring in the functionality preferred by you. Watch your CRM become your personal and professional helper.

The same data on all your devices

The same data on all your devices

Resco Mobile CRM is available for the users of all types of smartphones and tablets. It performs the same and looks the same on all your go-to devices. You are also able to access the app across all mobile platforms and their versions. It doesn’t matter if your go-to device runs iOS, Android or Windows.

Offline access

Offline access

Stay close to data on your tablet or smartphone even if the Internet connection lets you down. Namely, sales reps and field technicians need to handle their activities anywhere, anytime and under any condition.

More than 100 features

More than 100 features

The advantage of Mobile CRM is that it comes with extras only a mobile device can offer. Explore the feature-packed CRM solution that extends the capabilities of any desktop CRM. Easily handle your day-to-day activities with GPS navigation, barcode or QR code scanner, signatures, route planning and more.

How does it work?

Create a connector to a 3rd party system

Resco Mobile CRM comes with a set of web services (Data, Metadata, OData) that allow you to create, read, update and delete the data stored on the Resco CRM server. Thanks to web services, you are free to connect your back end with the server so that you can work with the structure of the data and the data itself.

Learn more about connecting the systems with web services (Data, Metadata). More info about Odata connector coming soon.

Utilize Resco Mobile CRM app on all of your devices

Use Resco Mobile CRM to the fullest and on all of your devices. Sync the application with the native Resco CRM server. Note that our Mobile CRM clients already have a built-in integration to simplify the whole process.  Once the mobile solutions are connected to the Resco CRM server, the data you collect in the field will be automatically stored.

Get in touch with us if you have a question about the integration possibilities.

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